Are any of these monitors good for fighting games?

Looking to buy a new 16:9 monitor in the $200 range.

I’m interested in two new HP monitors, but am concerned about the refresh rates/potential input lag.

HP 2310m 23" Full HD LCD Monitor HP 2310m 23" Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor: Computer & Accessories

HP 2210m 21.5" Full HD LCD Monitor HP 2210m 21.5-Inch Diagonal Full HD LCD Monitor - Black: Computer & Accessories

Normally I’d just go with the larger of the two HP monitors, but something has me confused here. The size difference between the two is only 1.5". The smaller monitor is listed as having “2.5 ms On/Off Response Times” and the 23" model has “3ms gray-to-gray response times.” I’m not sure what the difference here is. Also HP’s site says that the 2210m has a 5ms refresh rate and that the 2.5 ms response time is “typical.”

Then there’s this:

ASUS MS238H 23" Full HD LED Monitor ASUS MS238H - 23-Inch Wide LED Monitor: Computer & Accessories

The 10000000:1 Contrast Ratio is bullshit, but it seems pretty nice. I know that ASUS makes good monitors (I have one now that works perfectly for SSF4), but they don’t make glossy screen monitors.

go for

Acer GD245HQ - DigitalVersus

Asus VG236H - DigitalVersus

Why not just get the evo monitor? - ASUS VH236H Black 23" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 20000 :1 (ASCR) Built-in Speakers

As for the HP monitors, there is really no way of knowing whether they are good or not just by looking at the specifications. Only input lag tests will give you the information you need. Companies never offer this information in the specifications.

Evo monitor is a pretty good price and size

If I didn’t have a monitor barely a year old I’d go for it.

Definitely a good price on the evo monitor. Just wish it was bigger.

I’m looking to spend in the $200 range, and I’d like to buy from Amazon (about to get $200 credit there).

Have considered the ASUS VH236H “Evo Monitor.” It’s only $179.99 on Amazon, plus my current monitor is an ASUS VK266H, so it’s essentially the same thing, but 16:10 (which the main reason I’m looking to get another monitor; the 1:1 aspect ratio option it offers stinks).

But I’d really like to get a glossy screen monitor. I prefer those to matte screen monitors. The one thing I’m not too hot on with ASUS are its colors, too. Not as bright as they could be.

I have talked to one person I know with a previous year’s model HP, and he loves it; says the colors pop off the screen and there’s no input lag. But that is just one opinion.

@NiteWalker, I’ve read that TN panel monitor screen quality will be noticeably worse once you go past 27" or so.

looks nice price


I already own a ASUS MS238H monitor for my pc

Is this good ( better monitor) for playing Super Street figther 4 ?

Than : -ASUS VH236H ( evo monitor)

       -Acer GD245HQ - DigitalVersus

        -Asus VG236H - DigitalVersus 

If had to choose on of the 3 above witch one is consider best ?


Since sf among others work on a 60hz rate, anything with a good response (5ms or less) should do the trick.

By browsing web looking for monitor I found a guy who did compare lag monitor.

Asus MS246H Review ( scroll down)

Seems like a ASUS MS246H is the fastest with only 6.9ms of lag.

I dont know if we can put much faith in those tests but I found it interesting.