Are any of these PCBs use-able with sanwa Buttons / stick on PC?

I am building a 6 button Sanwa fight stick with a wood case(JLF and 2 cheap Chinese start and select buttons I found). At first I will only use this on PC so it isn’t important that it works on anything else at the moment although I was going for that with the PS2 controller but now I’m way over my budget for this stick.

Unfortunately both of the PS2 controllers I bought were Model A version Middle. They appeared to be Late model A when I bought them.

One of them might actually work as a controller and is in decent shape though so it might not be a major loss.

List of PCBs I could use;
PS2 Model A Version Middle
Digi-shock fight stick
Logitech Dual Action

The digi-shock is basically a logitech dual action from what I can see the buttons even use the same rubber / silicone. Digi-shock is just bigger maybe easier to mod.

Post in that thread.

If you’re modding for a stick the rubber and silicone will be discarded.

When posting your questions be specific on what your intent is. You said using… An arcade setup is assumed, but be specific. And you’ll have to determine if the pcbs are common or non common ground before receiving instruction on the wiring that will be necessary.

I made the main post longer and harder to read but also more descriptive as requested… I am not getting a response in there either.

Just use this, much easier.

out of my budget now already overspent.

Do you already have all the wiring and quick disconnects you need (not to mention the soldering tools you need to pad hack)? Because that ships plug and play with all wiring. $11 is dirt cheap.

Damn, son. The struggle is really real. I’m willing to donate a couple of bucks to your cause if you do the smart thing and go with the ZD Encoder. PM me your PayPal info.

D: alright. I was trying to make it use-able on consoles too. Yeah I got 24AWG wire and soldering gear.

There is a version that will work with PS2 and PS3 as well. Slightly more dough.

how much more because the ones I could find were 50 bucks for 360 / ps3 and a few old consoles as well.

$20 —>

Sent you a little donation to help out. Good luck with the project.