Are any PSN guys doing EVO?


I’m contemplating on going to EVO and was hoping to meet some of you guys. Wondering if any you regulars planning to compete.


I was going to go… but had to work =/

Ill see you at fuddruckers next month though =)


nope no evo for me


would involve alot for me, I’d have to take leave from work, have some cash saved up, book a flight, etc.

so maybe next year?


yup, going, because it is just too good to miss.


i’ll be there like usual. anyone up for some games?


I’m going to Evo. I’ll be entering SFIV, Brawl, and the BB event they’ll be hosting.


I WAS going but couldn’t get the weekend off.
Never been, GL if you end up going


Good luck to the people going this year and don’t let happy hour ruin your beastliness. :wink:

I would’ve obviously signed up for HDR but there’s always next year.


I hope HDR is still running strong this time next year! Too many new fighting games came out for 2009! Hopefully everyone will come back to their senses! :smokin:

Good Luck to any PSN players participating in EVO! I’ll be tuning in on the online broadcast, primarily for the HDR battles and the finals for all other games.


I’ll be at EVO for SF4 and HDR


I was planning on going to Evo until something came up…
But anyway, have fun to those ppl who are going :slight_smile:
See you next year perhaps?