Are arcade sticks worth collecting?

I’m a little OCD about the condition of my things and it’s no different with my sticks. So far I have a 2 Chun Li TE sticks, a MVC3 TE, and I am looking into getting a HORI VLX.

I have two Chun Li sticks because I want one to use and one to collect. I’m deciding on getting another MVC3 TE for the same reason. But if there is no point in collecting them then that’ll help me say fuck it and use what I got.


It’s like collecting guitars. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen over a short amount of time. As long as you take care of your money, you can snatch up a nice one here and there.

Sticks are meant to be used, imo. The experience with the stick is more important than the stick itself.

Uhg it’s like people who buy Comic Books with no intention of reading them. Fucking waste.

I like the custom ones…
but with the te you can swap out the art…

Custom ones to me are amazing and I would… i would make a gucci one, lv one, you know… diamonds in the buttons n such…

But the light up ones and the ones in the tech talk forums are amazin!
you can be so creative!
I wouldn’t get more than 2 TE sticks unless you want a PS3 and an Xbox one… but only cuz you can swap out the art

No, they are not worth collecting unless you love them like art. When the next systems come out, and the systems after that, they will be incompatible.
I’m sure there will be a better version of USB, that shit Intel is trying to promote.

It sounds like your just asking about scalping rather than actually collecting them because you yourself want to.

ANYTHING is worth collecting if you can afford it and WANT to collect it. If you don’t, then it isn’t worth it.

this 1,000,000 times over. put your money into a CD if you’re just concerned with making some money in the long run.

i had like 21 arcade sticks…Got rid of most of them, what a waste of time & money…

Though I don’t collect, I have about 4 arcade sticks all dual modded in case I go to a tournament or gathering and someone doesn’t have a stick for said system or doesn’t have a stick in general.

MarkMan is the master collector. I mean, guy has like 5 or 6 old Namco Hori sticks from the Soul Edge/Tekken 2 days…

You have to consider the amount of display/storage space you have, as well as your financial situation. For people who love to collect, sometimes you gotta restrain your urges… Ask yourself, is this an impulse decision? Will you regret not picking one up several months/years later on while you had the chance?

Collecting so many sticks is definately not practical, but you are obviously a big fan of capcom fighters, and it’s your money.

True that! His collection is UNREAL! :sunglasses:

unless they were issues from the golden age of comics.

same can be said about collecting anything in general. (shoes, video games, vinyls, cards, etc.)

As long as there are collectors for anything, it will have value weither it be sentimental or actual value by rarity.
However, Fightsticks are meant to be used / modded and as such their value will mostlikely be sentimental to the person.

You just don’t know…
I think last time Markman counted, he was past the 200 mark.

At least different guitars can sound different therefore actually being distinct. Every arcade stick functions exactly the same way.

I think its pretty stupid.

Oh, but I do know. I just pointed out him COLLECTING Namco Yellows, not including the many, MANY custom-made sticks he has, HRAPs, TEs, SEs, S’s, Chun Sticks, andViewlix’s he more than likely has stored.

I don’t know, yes they function the same, but as far as feel, some people like Happ/iL sticks for MvC2 because that is what they developed their execution on. I keep a suzo inductive for my shmups since I like the way the joystick feels for those types of games. Also having a compact travel friendly Namco with convertors might be handy if you want to travel and don’t want to carry a big ass TE or HRAP.

I figure that if you are a particular gamer, you can have a few like a golf club set, but likely don’t need more than 5.

No they aren’t, its a lesson I’ve finally learned and I’m only @ 3 sticks currently built with parts for like 8 more lying around my house. They will not increase in value if left in the box. The ‘artwork’ begins to look cheesy as you grow older (which is why I’m a firm believer in simply and contemporary). And of course new systems wil lcome out that require you mod your existing stick, or buy a new one and keep the old one in a box somewhere to never get used again - just taking up space.

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