Are arcade sticks worth it?

Being the below average player I am, I was wondering what the advantages are of playing stick over pad. Does a stick really help that much? Is it worth the $150 for a rather terrible player? Or is it just a matter of personal preference? Thanks in advance.

It is a matter of preference. One has some advantages, other has others. Sticks were the way one had to play, cos original SF was only in arcades - we loved the home ports but they would come an year after the arcade game and with less attacks. It is, thus, natural that many would not adapt to playing in pads. However, there are cases of players used to pads who could not play on stick (e.g., DG & V).

Edit: there is this thread about it. It is just someone’s opinions, though. For instance, I have adapted to certain kinds of sticks, but never adapted to others - including the default JLF, square gate, which many here say is good.
Edit2: more about home sticks here.

Nice another one of these.

stickies, read them