Are canon storylines always preferable over non-canon storylines?

I would personally prefer to read a GOOD storyline using my favorite characters whether or not this storyline is what the original writers have officially dictated to be the true storyline.

Take the Street Fighter games. According to the Street Fighter Plot Guide, most of the battles didn’t happen (although it could be argued that some DID happen but held no real importance in the overall storyline which would have worked the same if those ‘pointless filler battles’ happened or not) yet they are still in the game. The problem lies with Capcom treating each individual Street Fighter series as unique and don’t always tie the storylines into each other. Yes, Capcom are first and foremost videogame creators but their canon storyline is told to us by the Street Fighter Plot Guide and not during the games themselves.

With the Udon comics, the characters interact a lot more with other characters and their storylines fit in well with everybody else’s in the story. Udon writes good storylines for Street Fighter but because they are not Capcom, they are dismissed at non-canon even though they write better stories than Capcom themselves. Udon’s comics are the first I read that actually expands and improves upon the base game storyline. Other third party works are only using the Street Fighter license to make a quick buck by using the name as the major selling point instead of the storyline.

So anyway, if the non-canon storyline is better written and more believeable than canon storyline, which do you prefer?

Well-written non canon. Otherwise we won’t be able to get that Akuma/B.B. Hood crossover story I’ve been dreaming about.

iori vs. genjuro

Udon have done an excellent job with the story so far, I would take their version over Capcom’s anyday. Hopefully Capcom will make a press release, saying that Udon’s comics are canon.

Nearly agree… but there’s a few things I really dislike about Udon’s version.

The way Charlie died didn’t need to be changed, nor did he need to be “Agent Shadow”, that was fuckin lame. Ryu and Sagat should have fought in the place they fight in SF2 anime ( yes I know it’s a tournament, people could be watching them in the grass or something )

If Udon had the money I think non cannon stories should get a separate mini series. Such as my fanfic, a prequel dealing with Gouken and Gouki. Even though its pretty lined up with the story its not official.

There isn’t any “Poorly Written non-canon storylines” or “Well-Written canon storylines” option in this poll.

Well-written canon storylines? Where are those?

Alpha 3 is good, but far from perfect.

Prefer what? Prefer to read or prefer to believe?

Yea, for the completionist, the question isn’t very clear, I think.

I imagine Udon’s storyline is “dismissed” as noncanon because it’s… you know, noncanon. From the Street Fighter raws, even Udon knows that.

Ummm yeah, what he said. Do you mean In a game, or in a fanfic, or in a comic? I would assume that since this is about the comix, then you’re talking comix here. In which case, i would go for poorly written canon, because theres enough confusion as it is, so the main thing would be to familiarise people with whats canon or not first?

I dunnoe, is this poll abt comix only?

I preffer good written “noncannon” like the Udon comic, I don’t give a damn about the mess named “Street Fighter Alpha 3” (storyline wise, because I like the game itself). I think Capcom were smoking some heavy crap while doing that game and now that they have somehow stopped smoking (or gone), they released what a mess its been done and preffer to ridiculously declare that every SF game takes place within its own universe. I mean, after all of this I don’t care anymore if they are the creators or not, I’d go with Udon.

And regarding Rokiseph post, I would preffer to hand a buddy the Udon comic to let him have an idea of the SF story and catch on the spirit of the SF saga rather than printing him a copy of the plot guide, not to dismiss the plot guide since I’m an abid reader of it and I admire and respect the work of the people involved on compiling it and I’m actually having a good time while reading the thing.

I prefer well written non-canon storylines with good character representations over non canon storylines with bad character representations and canon storylines ( expect for Rpgs).

I like both, canon and non canon stories (I’ll leave out the well written and poorly written out of it which is why I voted for option 3). I take Udon’s situation into consideration. According to them SF1 didn’t happen, at all, or at least the way the game was set up - the entire event was red headbanded Ryu fighting Sagat and that’s it. Ryu didn’t meet Birdie or Adon, Retsu got beat by Ryu when he was a kid and Geki died a long time ago. If Udon wasn’t in a situation where they didn’t have to appeal to the non SF crowd, the main comic book buying audience who played SF2 and that’s it they could easily spend 10 or so issues on SF1 and feature everybody, but they’d go bankrupt in 2 seconds because some guy will pick it up and say “Where the Hell is Guile? I used to play with Guile back in the day, who the f is this Lee person they keep going on about? This book SUX! Hey, look at this comic with Wolverine and Spider-Man on the cover, I’m a buy that instead!” :rofl: So really, the need to sell the book drives a lot of things behind whatever Udon does. Haven’t gotten my hands on the SF2 Raw issue but I’m willing to bet this becomes even more evident once you take a look at that book.

With SF games and stuff, the storyline is not as important as the game itself, there’s lots of people who play these games and really could care less about the story. It’s like for example if when Capcom made the SF Zero(Alpha) series they would of removed multiple Super Arts because they could only do one Super Art in SF2, or just have removed Super Arts from the game all together, that would of made storyline-wise perfect sense but a Gamer would probably be pissed if he could no longer perform a Super Art because it was a prequel and storyline got in his way, so yeah, gameplay is the main thing for the games, it will supercede story when necessary. In short, the needs of the Gamer are more important than anything else(But yeah Capcom was smoking crack with their endless retcons, all though I liked how SFZ3’s story turned out in the end).

It’s still a great comic book series. An excellent adaptation of SF. The book seems to find a middle ground between SF storyline fans, people who just play games, people who have only played SF2 and non fans, heck, they even reach out to us and ask us stuff here at SRK, you can’t beat that! I enjoy reading the comic and the SF Plot Guide equally, it’s like comparing apples and spaceships to me… both of which I like for different reasons.

Street Fighter 1. All they had to do was have a mini-story in the back of the series. Like a mini-series in the back. Better yet, they could have their own little spin-off with like 4 comics.

And Capcom’s storyline in SF3 is written very good actually. But yeah…

I like whatever Udon is doing now so I just say keep up what you guys are doing

I like most of the Udon canon, even though Cammy should have stayed Killer Bee for quite longer.

Is an alpha fan first and foremost.

And like it was pointed out before, I’m also sad they don’t acknowledge Street Fighter 1 at all. (with Ryu not knowing Birdie and Adon, and whatnot) They don’t need to make any storyline based on the SF1 tournament, but at least make it sound like Ryu already met some fighters, and not just Sagat…

:rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol:

Oh wait, you’re not joking? :sweat:

well I Definitely say it’s simple, it’s a story about a secret cult who track down fighters from over of the world to see which one is the choosen one. So that they can stop the Apocalypse from happen.