Are Charge characters dead?

Don’t see much of them around in 2-D fighters, what happened?

They held down back for too long and fell into a hole.

Yes they all forgot to watch the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

play karnov

This man wins.


theres always axl in GGXX

True. . .

And May…

and potemkin?

really? didnt know that… i never use those two… and the few times i do mess around with potemkin i just beat the crap out of people with nicely times punches

and Venom?

and e.soldat

man i need to learn more about the other characters ^^ i only know about bridget, [and a little of ky and axl]

but yeah >>
Birdget FTW

and marilyn sue

and murakumo

and wei


3S - Urien, Oro, Alex, and Q to a lesser degree Alex and Chun-Li
KOF - Ash to a lesser degree Kim

so, um still there 5 years ago lol

he has one charge move so i really wouldn’t classify him as a charge character.

urien has one command special does that make him a command character?

3s is old, I was referring to new titles.

Charlie is.

well, as said above and more:

current KOF has charge characters
current Guilty Gear has charge characters

Akatsuki Blitzkampf has charge characters
Arcana Heart has a charge character

Melty Blood does NOT have charge characters
Monster does NOT have charge characters
Big Bang Beat does NOT have charge characters (as far as I can tell)

I think charge characters are here to stay, but they are harder to implement in brand new systems, as recording charge isn’t necessary for most special motions. I think if anything it is Charge Supers that are dead, but we’ll see.

i find charge chracters in GG tough…