Are charge characters underpowered right now?

I noticed that no charge characters placed high in either GodsGarden 4 or EVO 2011. Why might this be?

I’m mainly asking this because I main Balrog currently and it’s starting to bother me how limited his mixup options are and how I constantly have to factor maintaining a charge into everything I do.

Charge Characters usually have incredibly good special moves to compensate for charging (Sonic Boom, EX Headbutt, Pretty Much everything Balrog does)

They aren’t under powered, But I’d say some of them (Especially Guile) Need the Buff stick ramming up their ass.

Certain ones like Guile got the Ono nerf bat for no reason. Balrog still seems good. Bipson still good. DeeJay probably still needs to be better but that might change in 2012. Might.

Ono was just sick of being Zoned the fuck out of.

Balrog IMO is the strongest. Followed by Bison.

It’s largely due to how much more powerful the top tiers were compared to the rest of the cast. Yun and Fei-Long were just too abusive this past year.

Balrog is actually a really solid character. Generally charge characters have superior pokes to make up for their inability to do a special move without a charge. Actually if you’re adept with charge characters, it’s quite easy to maintain charge as long as you remember to hit down+back every time you jump in or do a special move. He doesn’t have many mixups because he doesn’t rely on them, he has solid fundamentals that can get you the win as long as you’re willing to play patient with him. Be sure to learn his frame traps, as they do a good chunk of damage. In the upcoming 2012 patch he is getting a decent damage buff on his headbutt and no serious nerfs, so he’s sure to be more competitive now.

Taking the EX Headbutt as an example (since I play Rog), yeah it’s a powerful move, but its uses are severely limited by the need to maintain a down charge. It basically only occurs either at the end of a combo or in rare situations where (1) I get a big opening, (2) I’m near my opponent, and (3) I already happen to be crouching.

I’m just not seeing how it’s worth it. Maybe when it comes down to it I just don’t like the character.


Thats just Honda, Really.

And yeah, Charge characters usually have more Normals and Unique attacks, Plus everything is more or less safer,

Charge characters are underpowered in AE. The best was Bison and that aint saying much. In super, they were overated. A couple of them dominated the low tiers but when it came to fighting top tier characters in high level tournies, it was very hard to compete. For some reason, people forget who was dominant in super. I remember Abel, Fei Long, Viper, Akuma, Cammy and Rufus. Boxer, Dictator, Guile and Chun was good but not dominant.

Now if you look at the top characters at the end of super, you will notice that they have some things in common. They could produce high damage in many situations, create more big damage after a knock down and could punish you hard with OS.

I notice two things with those. High damage and all of them can combo to ultra on the ground well except Akuma perhaps, I can’t remember if he could combo into U2 in Super or not.

While Chun and Rog can combo into ultra on the ground the damage gets scaled so bad when you compare it to them.

Yes charge characters are garbage right now, but many people won’t realize or admit to it, but the numbers online and in live tournaments speak for themselves.
Can’t wait till this patch drops for my damage back ;D gonna be so happy

Well at least your getting something lol. Bison got a lump of coal this xmas.

I’m probably going to switch to Sagat, I feel a lot more free when I play him without this charge requirement hanging over me and yet his damage seems just as good if not better, plus no more getting boomed to death by Guile. I’ll probably still alt Rog since I put so much effort into him.