Are colors too much of a grind fest?


So as we all kno to unlock colors you have to complete survival mode.

Easy = 10 Fights
Normal = 30 Fights
Hard = 50 Fight

The problem with this however is that when you do survival it only unlocks the colors for the costume ur wearing so if you have alt costumes you have to do the same survival mode twice. Thats assuming that you don’t lose or the servers dont go down because if the server does go down you have to start from the beginning.

What do you guys think is this a bit much just for colors or are you ok with it?

Forgot 2 mention you only get fight money for the first time u do each difficulty with a single character.

Are colors too much of a grind fest?

I was wondering about that, IF we’d really have to do them all again for other costumes. Isn’t there a 100 fight one too? Hell or something? My main concern is your last point about servers going down and it resetting. That’s why all I’ve done is Easy for Ryu so far.


Hope you can just buy the colors with Fight Money because doing survival for every alt costume and future DLC costumes, no thanks…


I tweeted Ono about this trash


Yeah it’s hella stupid. Hope we get a color unlocker like SF4 had soon. But I bet it works server side this time so no shortcuts.


Not trying to start anything – but do colors actually matter to you guys? I’m used to playing SFIV in arcade and having 2. And I don’t even pay attention to what color is selected when playing on console with others…


Oh look, another useless thread that could’ve been a post in the SFV Lounge…


It’s not a grind when it’s intended to be a reward that you can show off after completing a specific difficult task. It’s the same thing as achievements, except better because you can use it in the game.

Didn’t read the part about having to do it for each costume. Yeah, that seems unnecessary. Doesn’t really accomplish anything.


Colors are not a big deal, but I like to change once in a while, same way I like to change stage every few matches.


I’m curious do we know the exact order of the colors for each character yet?


Remember when you got different colors by just pushing a different normal? Pepperidge farms remebers


crossup, blah blah, repeat. do it over and over.

I know it’s dumb but you can beat the computer over and over from what I’ve seen.


It does get a bit less dumb after some rounds in Hard mode, at like 30 it was starting to do some stuff.


yeah it seems like a grindfest.
do you get some fightmoney out of it too?


You only get fightmoney for the first time u do each difficulty with a single character


IT’s 10k per character per completion. So By clearing easy and normal you’ll have 28800 FM. And that’s just from survival.


I need alpha Ryu #9 (SF2 Ryu)



Well… With all the trouble some people is getting with online play, this might be not so bad


The color scheme is total bullshit. I won’t be playing this thrown together junk or paying for colors.

Two colors as default? What are you guys thinking? Could you at least ask like 4 people if these schemes sound like good ideas?


Says the man who’s avatar is wearing glasses that would render everything seen into 2 colors.