Are colors too much of a grind fest?


i just played yesterday with some people usf4 and i got colors after our session from chars i never have played before.
just so…by playing the game in a lobbie.

sounds great doesnt it?

in sf5 on the other hand…you have to turn on rpg mode to grind for a certain level to get the last 5 colors.
the last one of course locked behind the level 50 cap.

and after a certain point in sp mode the only way to gain exp is by playing ranked or casual.
for one level, i need to win right now 95 matches…losing gains points too
but just nearly 1/3th so it will take of course much longer when you lose all the time.

seems like a nightmare for completionists as it is right now.


Joke thread? Or did you literally just happen to make this thread again lol.


eh…its nearly the same topic so i stole his topic :slight_smile:

he complained about the survival mode colors. i about the level up colors.
while his problem got kinda solved…the one i talk about not :stuck_out_tongue:


Big whoop Level a character up till level 25 and your only missing a character colour for one character. not the end of the world


if you care about it or not doesnt change the fact that the level 50 grind is…way to much to go trough with each char.
i am not even with my main at this point and i play the game since release.


I like it that way. It’s like a batch of honor for loyalists who keep beating up people trying something new in casual matches.


SFV in general is a nightmare for completionists

You’re not supposed to get color lv50 (or lv25) of everyone

Wich in some cases is not a problem, since crap like lv50 blond+pinkgi ryu exist

But in some others it’s a shame, as for some characters lv50 is best color (Ken, Karin and some others) and i will never get it

Still waiting for color edit mode, will pay for it


yeah , i really hoped for one since sfxt had it too.
so many bad color shemes which could be fixed that way.


Not if you got the cash.


you cant buy color 11-15

the only way to get them is to reach the levels with each char!
…and buying them later on with fm…so you have to grind for fm and exp to get em :stuck_out_tongue:


tbh grind to Lv.50 is itself FM building, each level give you 1000FM+ each victory being 50FM

You do both in the same run


but wouldnt you rather spend it on costumes and or chars then on the color which you already grinded for?


Uh it sounds like a decent way to have someone continue grinding it put for FM. You top out when you choose to stop playing.