Are CvS2 controls really strict?

I’d say I’m completely used to playing on a joystick now, as I’ve been using it for 7 months and it feels very comfortable. However, when I try doing any SNK motions in CvS2 (QCF, HCB+P in particular), they hardly ever come out when I’m on my JLF. On the other hand, I can do that motion all the time on my LS-32 or any Seimitsu stick for that matter…

I only seem to have this problem when playing CvS2 and using any of these type of motions; never in any other fighting game that I know of. So my question is, is it just me or are the controls in CvS2 much more strict? I’d much rather stick to my JLF than to switch to the LS-32 just for one game.

About as strict as Alpha 3/3S (Read: Not all that strict)

You probably just need more practice with FGs period. It’ll eventually click. The JLF is more than enough to play any fighter (it’s the standard stick on Tekken 6 cabs for example), but if you’re botching shit with one and have access to sticks you play better with, I see no reason not to use them instead. Quit being lazy and plug your Seimitsu lol

The earlier KOFs and SamShos are much better examples of a FG with strict input requirements…Capcom games are usually pretty forgiving in that regard

Blame SF4, now stop playing that pos and you’ll get better.

Yeah it means you are too sloppy with your inputs…but CvS2 controls are not that hard at all. Once you get em down, you get them.

I feel like I’m in a similar situation, in that I’m better with an LS-32 than a on with a JLF, in everything. I’ve swapped the sticks in all the one’s I use regularly with LS-32s, but I’ve been forcing myself to use the JLF in the MvC TE in 3S. It hasn’t been pretty.

Yeah, as Duck Strong says, definitely drop SF4 for a while if you want to teach yourself “classic” FG inputs, some of the things that pass off as dp/super motions in that game won’t work in any other game, and wether you like it or not, doing them repeatedly will create bad habits that are hard to undo if you learn stick with it

Actually, I haven’t even touched SFIV for more than 5 minutes. I’m mostly a 3S player. I’ll play SSFIV when it drops, but that’s beside the point.

Even when using the JLF for 3S and I have to use an ‘SNK’ like motion (For example, HCF+K, QCB+P for Dudley’s cross-under super), it comes out just fine and I have no problems using it. So I figured the controls weren’t as lenient in CvS2. It just feels like no matter how hard or lightly I use this input, it doesn’t want to come out, especially from the 2p side.

On the other hand, if your problem is only with “snk inputs” on CvS2, I think dropping a game to compensate is a huge overreaction.

I had a hard time with those when I first started CvS2 as well, mostly due to never playing a game (seriously) that uses those inputs. Just go to training mode with it. They aren’t that hard.

edit: I should hit refresh before posting

Just hit up training mode with input display on. You’re obviously just messing up the motion somehow.

I’ve never understood the excuses from going from SF4 to any other fighter. I “started” at SF4 (played MVC2 a long time ago) and I had no problem playing 3s or HDR, or any other Capcom game for that matter.

Just practice doing a Raging Demon over and over, once you can get something with a crazy ass input like that other stuff seems pretty easy. Haven’t played CVS2 in a while but does Rock have his Neo Deadly Rave in that game? That’s a good move to practice to get your timing down straight on stuff with multiple inputs.

Quick example:

Super will come out in SF4 with a :d::df::d::df: :p:, no neutral between each qcf required
Super in ST is :qcf: NEUTRAL for at least 1 frame :qcf: :p:, you can’t drop anything and there’s no shortcut, it has to come out exactly like that

So yes, I’d say learning stick with SF4 can set you up for some disappointment, and it can make you develop the “wrong” muscle memory for common FG motions

Also whoever suggested using practice mode with input display: Best suggestion in thread, console CvS2 has that, you’ll probably find out you’re inputting something completely different than you thought you were, or missing directions, etc.

I would just like to mention a CvS2 trait that is hardly ever mentioned. CvS2 does have a sort of “shortcut” for QCFx2 motions.
:qcf::d::df::p: can be done, meaning that if you’re using a japanese stick, you can end your motion at the corner, and then press whatever button to activate your super. This is very different from SF4 and SSF4.

In SF4/SSF4, you MUST end your super/ultra motion with :r: or else you’ll probably get some ex-special instead. This really screwed me up when I started playing SF4, and when everyone around me was saying that SF4 is way easier in terms of execution than CvS2, I felt like an idiot. Then I found out about the shortcuts. :confused: I definitely prefer the CvS2 way of inputting supers because you get to end with your stick in the corner (feels more precise), and also because it is still the better game :arazz:

wepeel: I thought the double qcf shortcut was only for certain supers?

When I load up the in-game command list it lists certain supers (i.e. Ken’s Shoryureppa) as qcf, d, df + button, but most of the others I’ve seen have the standard motion listed. Is this shortcut really universal? I’ve never consciously tried this shortcut motion with any except the supers that specifically list that command in-game…

Also, yeah, CvS2 is definitely the better game. Once I have a PS2 stick built I’ll start harassing people more often to play that game instead. :bgrin:

why is the type of stick being brought up so much?

Yes, this shortcut is universal.

For example, Todo’s wave super is listed as a full QCFx2 motion on the command list, but the shortcut works for him as well. Also, this motion works for SNK style motions. For example, Iori’s Maiden Masher can be inputted as:
Pretty cool, huh? :angel:

The only exception to this rule would be 360/720 motions and the HCFx2/HCBx2 motions. For the HCFx2/HCBx2 motions, you MUST end in either :r: or :l:, depending on which way you’re facing.

I am not too sure on this, but for Kim’s/Hibiki’s dash supers, i heard you actually need to complete the motion given the way the command is displayed at the menu. So this shortcut doesn’t apply to them.

Good find. I will have to be more clear…

When I say SNK motions, I was being vague. Here is complete clarity:
Motions that demand :qcf::df::d::db::l: can omit that last motion before the punch/kick press.
Kim’s air super can be inputted this way.

Motions that ask for specifics, like Hibiki’s (they demand :r: or :l: depending on which side you’re on) require that specific motion.