Are DLC characters getting Character Stories?

I remember reading not too long ago that all the DLC characters were getting their own Character Stories like ones the first 16 have. Is this is true? Does anyone have a link to any sources that confirm it?

Thanks in advance.

I find it hard to believe why they wouldn’t. Even I can sketch two pieces of artwork together with such a shitty quality in an hour.

Ono did say DLC will expand on the story back before release, but that could’ve just been about the upcoming Story Mode in June.

We know that the DLC characters aren’t gonna have trials when they’re released, so I’m a bit weary on them immediately having their own stories. We’ll see soon enough.

Pretty much this.

But then again, they said that DLC characters will probably get trials later , if at all. So if they won’t even bother adding something to help the players learn the character , i start to wonder if they will bother with story mode.

What the fuck they don’t get trials from the get-go? That’s so fucking lazy of them

Yeah. Here’s Ayano statements on it:

"As for DLC character Trials… Naturally, we’d love to provide them.

“With that said, however, whether or not we’ll actually be able to provide them… as the Trials mode is still currently under development, I can’t promise anything yet”

It’s hard to make assumptions like this… but what I read into what ONO said there, I think he meant that the trial system is under development and won’t even be out with the first dlc characters, so new characters will not come with trails… before the trial system is released.

If SF5 intends to “meet and exceed fan expectation” that better be what he meant haha

Personally: I’m not really looking forward to trails that much… There aren’t any 1 frame links in this game, so any combo is going to be knocked out very quickly… Trials in this game can ONLY be a teaching tool for either situational interactions such as an anti-air combo, or a combo that will work only against the wall / in center stage. You do the combo in the right spot and it all hits… because combos are simple in this game. It’s not going to be some hax c.viper combo that takes you a week to finally hit once…

This isn’t really a bad thing… The focus for SF5 is definitely the interactions between players, and the various mix ups, it is about decisions, not execution. Trials are about execution, not decision. So trails are less important. This is the same reason why I feel Arcade mode isn’t important. The focus of this game is pvp, not pve, so it is more important to have quality multiplayer content that people feel more confident about playing then to focus on a bot mode that only teaches you how a computer can cheat when it decides to lol.

The story mode does need expansions though - even if they just posted screen shots like they do now, and remove the gameplay complete from story, they NEED it. One of the biggest reasons people love these characters is their identity beyond the game setting.

It’s more important that the DLC characters get battle tips/tutorials set for them so hopefully they get those soon after launch as well. People already have to wait a month to get the in game tutorials for characters they have already been playing for a month then still have to wonder when they can learn to play Alex outside of doing internet research or having a sparring buddy.