Are Evo Staff Planning for the Huge Influx of New Attendees?


I assume the answer is yes, but I wanted to discuss some aspects, coming from someone who has been practically every year, mainly as a spectator. For whatever reason, I would say past two years have been somewhat sub-par when it comes to the spectating aspects of the competition. The vast majority of people who go to Evo end up in this category after the first day (or morning), and if this thing is ever going to really blow up we need to focus on making sure there is a good show put on for the crowd.

Last year Evo did a good job of showing Bang the Machine and having some setups with exclusive games. These setups seemed to crowd out what would be the BYOC area, which seems to shrink every year (ever since it stopped being held in separate rooms BYOC has been nothing more than an afterthough).

What has been lacking is the logistics for watching the semi finals and finals and the showmanship that surround what should be the biggest day of the event. Last year there were about half as many chairs as necessary for a crowd that wasn’t all that massive to begin with, and they were strewn around the room in a very unorganized fashion. There was also no lane blocked off so the finalists could strut down the aisle during their intro.

Judging by the thousands of new posters and visitors jamming up srk recently and the addition of many fresh games, I would think Evo is going to be more heavily attended this year than we have seen in a while. How are we going to make this experience great for everyone?