Are famous players nice in person?


I’m attending EVO 2014 this year which would be my first and I was wondering are famous players like Jwong, PR Balrog, Xian, Infiltration, Daigo, Tokido, and Gamerbee nice in person? Or do they have way different personalities in person?


No. I tried to get daigo to sign my ass once and he speed walked away. fucking assholes, is that how you treat your fans?


It varies.

Don’t bother getting too starry-eyed over them, though.


Actually some people are overwhelmed by that kind of attention or just really don’t want to give you an autograph and tries the least confrontational exit from the situation.
From what I heard Daigo is actually a nice guy but is kinda uneasy with people he don’t know.


known players in the community dont really have any reason to be dicks, and usually arent. if they are to you, then they are losers. its that simple. there is nothing to be ego crazed about when it comes to this fighting game shit. this is a “poor mans” hobby, and dare i say, sport. the top players you might envy, are nothing more then students, regular guys who work at your local grocery store, bums, etc… some are successful and do well for themselves, but even then they arent celeb status wealth and fame, nor do they act like it.

if you wanna holla at them, holla at them. if theyre dicks to you, keep it moving, but its not likely. the amount of fame and wealth that could come from a “pro” player is equal to that of a gas station employee, so like i said, again, if theyre dicks to you, theyre losers, and other then that, you can walk up and talk, or take a pic with pretty much any of them, and they wont mind.

ive never meet anyone in the community who was a flat out dick to me for no reason. dont confuse offline with online. there may be shit talking that goes down at events in some matches, but most dudes are cotton candy and handshakes. they dont want problems anymore then you do, and those that do, are again, LOSERS.

k thanx bye


People are people, I imagine that some are dicks and some are nice.

They’re not movie stars you know.


Why are you guys responding to a troll account? Member since less than 3 hours


They’re regular schmoes (for the most part) who just happen to be (a little) famous for playing fighting games; chances are they’re not obliviously antisocial dickwads. I’d doubt they just happily oblige to signing an autograph though. :-/

From what I’ve heard, Daigo is pretty easygoing.


all the ones ive come across were cool. just dont be a weirdo. nobody likes weirdos


Champ was cool. PR Rog is probably the most chill dude in the known side of the FGC.


Thanks bmckay. I talk to Rog on Twitter now and again he seems very chill but a blast to talk too.


Everybody’s just a person at the end of the day, Generally people treat you like you treat them.