Are fighters for everyone?

I was wondering what everyone’s opinion would be about fighting games not being for everyone. I’ll fill you in on my situation and why I have been thinking of this question. I bought Super Street Fighter 4 the day it hit the shelves, I had a few friends online who would talk about the game and how much fun fighting games are. So as I’ve said I picked up SSF4 along with a SE edition madcatz fightstick (later modded with Sanwa parts) and went off on the path trying to learn the game and all that it holds. Fast forward to today and I’m starting to think fighting games aren’t for me. I seem to have not improved at all outside of basic execution, I get kicked from lobbies due to being an easy win and I cant seem to find people in the same “skill” gap as myself.

I don’t know why but I just seem to never be able to improve at all even after reading and watching all that I could about beginners and improving your game. After recently buying AE I seem to be at that point where I really enjoy watching anything and everything about street fighter, from streams to SRK guide but I can’t seem to make the translation to playing the game.

So as I’ve originally stated this isnt necessarily “help me thread” but more of else what people think about fighters being or gamers. At one point in time do you have to realize that they’re not for you? Or that all this time you just arnt doing something right.

Thanks for reading.

You never originally stated that this is a “help me” thread…but sure looks like it.
Fighting games are not for everyone…why else are there other gaming genres?
If you feel that’s playing is a chore…then put it down.
No one is holding your hand to play.

Ask yourself this: Are you still having fun?

Yes: keep playing
No: maybe you should play league of legends instead

imo, learning to play fighting games is like learning to play the piano. Never too late to learn to play the piano, and anyone can learn it if they truly want to and work hard (of course, learning to play the piano and learning to play piano at the level of Evgeny Kissin are two different goals…)

I think anyone can be good at practically anything, the question is whether or not you have the interest and motivation to continue. Only you can answer that.

I personally have always been drawn to these games, SF2 came out when I was pretty young and the style of game just stuck with me since then. I feel that I have a general ability to play these types of games and get better while having a good time doing it.

Its also possible you may not like the fundamental aspect of SSF4, many dont, many do.
if you want to give it one last shot, I would definitely put a big emphasis on reading/watching youtube vids about zoning, footsies etc. Anything that helps you play the player. That is hands down, the most important aspect of street fighter(and its also the fun part). You really just need to learn how to deceive/punish your opponent, not out-combo them. It doesnt hurt to read material on the matchups and actually apply them. Find someone who knows you’re trying to level up your game to train with. I found a few people online a couple years ago, and I always tried to play them as much as possible because they were better at the game than me, and I leveled up fairly quick. Dont play shitty players, nobody gets anything out of that

I genuinely believe that anyone can play fighting games and ultimately become good or, heck, even the best at them. At the same time, though, I do not believe they are for everyone. Starting with the simple fact that these are games primarily containing one-on-one strategic combat. People who are more team oriented will probably not have a lot of fun with fighting games.

I think the most important question you need to ask yourself has already been said earlier: “Am I having fun?” If the answer is no then the next question would be “Is the fact that I’m getting bodied keeping me from enjoying the game?”. If that is a definite “yes” then proceed to ask yourself whether or not you are willing to put in the commitment and effort into finding the enjoyment you want.

My 0.02$

I know what you’re saying.
I appreciate everyone else’s cents, but, I don’t think they’ve felt the “screw this” like you and I have.
I’ve picked up and played fighting games all my life, but never took any of them even slightly seriously until now.
Now, for some reason, I want to take this one seriously, and taking it slowly.
The question I ask you is:

Do you like playing? And not just fighting online, I mean everything, like trials, training, getting tipped on what you’re doing wrong, your character?

If the answer is yes, then if you haven’t then you should go to a character thread, or newbie dojo)I know, we’re here) and learn, really learn.

If you don’t care about that, then you’ll be playing like that, forever, and if you hate that, then I think you should quit, it’s a game, and you should have fun.

(Find someone to teach you, or at least show you the ropes)

Also…make it a point to visit the offline gatherings in your area.
If you show genuine interest in the game…you make a few friends and maybe some rivals that may keep your interest fueled up.

Thanks for the reply’s.

Geese if my local city had any sort of Street Fighter scene I would of known about it. I’ve searched countless meet up threads for anyone in my area and have come up with nothing, outside of driving three hours to a larger city.

I enjoy the game, I honestly do. I love everything about it from the strategy to watching and reading about street fighter, it’s just unfortunately I just cant see to improve at all after all this time. I would love to find someone who can actually show me the ropes and have someone to play with on a consistent basis but up to this point I have had a hard time finding anyone in my “skill gap”.

Anyways thanks again for reading, I just wish I could figure out what’s holding me back.

The thing that’s held me back is that I’m good with Theory Fighter… but my execution tends toward suckage. If this is you, then, like me, it sounds like getting out of the appreciation/understand and into the nitty gritty of practice is what’s needed. Create new rules for your practicing or set clear goals. “I want to develop a six hit combo that I can pull off at least seven times out of ten,” or “I’m going to train against the hardest AI and never touch specials.” I think this sort of thing will help.

I totally second Necrotrophic’s advice, too. All the combos in the world, without the ability to play the player, mean nothing. Given what you’ve said, I’m sure you already get this, so keep workin’ on doing just that. Domination 101 is your best friend. Make it a threesome with training mode.

If you like it, don’t quit. If you gotta take a break for a while because you’re not gaining ground, do that (I’ve had to do so before)… it really helps.

Newbie Saikyo Dojo needs an apprentice thread for guys with skill to offer up training over XBL/PSN/local those who need help.

I feel the same way you do about Starcraft, I like it in theory but the thought of playing usually just stresses me out.

FG’s on the other hand I always feel motivated to play and they are always really fun to me. I think they definitely are not for everyone. Just ask yourself if you’re having fun.

Like you’d probably have more fun once you improve past a certain point, but it might not be worth all the effort you expend to get there in the first place. Try to improve but focus most on having fun, if you still can’t have fun like that it’s probably not for you.

This. Maybe you are not as talented as others are. Or you are not so good at developing a practice shedule that works for you. As long as you are having fun, why not stay with it?! Everybody hits a roadblock every once in a while where they do not seem to get any better for quite some time. But usually once you overcome it, things become even more fun from there.

Sure fighting games are not for everyone. It is the same with other genres. I suck at ego shooters (and I usually do not like playing them as well) but I liked Bioshock so I played it. Who cares? :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Even the best can get bored of playing them. Thinking about my own journey, a lot of players were very surprised I even lasted as long as I did competitively. I also known people that were at the top of their game in the old days and now don’t really care so much because they have better things to do such as work, life, cars, etc. Just play if you want to play, but find something else better to do if you feel like you’re just going to half ass it.

FG aren’t for everyone, just like FPS aren’t for everyone. If you had fun(after playing) then keep playing…if you didn’t put it on the backburner.

That is exactly my problem. I always try to outcombo my opponents and I always rush in too much with jumping or I rush in without thinking.

Fighting games aren’t for everyone, but neither is chocolate. That said, fighting games aren’t BEYOND anyone either, if that’s what you’re asking. If you like to play but you’re having trouble getting better, it’s probably due to one of two things (or a combination of them). On one hand, it’s possible that the way you practice isn’t cutting it, and you need to rethink your learning strategy in order to see improvement. On the other hand, it’s possible that you don’t understand what’s happening on the screen beyond a superficial level (and, as a result, you don’t actually know what to practice in the first place).

Have you read Maj’s Footsies Handbook? That’s 101 right there.

then take the time to learn about what i said

no, FGs aren’t for everybody. i don’t like shooters and sports games.

Depends on what type of gamer you are.

It comes down, I think, to drive and opportunity cost. If you’re driven, regardless of if it’s fun or not at “this one particular moment” and the opportunity cost of play/practice/lab work is low enough, you’ll fight through what you’re describing (which is a plateau).

Hitting walls is one of the deciding factors in working out if someone is going to stick with something long enough to become truly good at it… Not all phases of development in something are fun, but to see a project through to completion you have to be motivated enough, and the overall product has to be enjoyable enough, that the boring/upsetting/tedious parts are worth it. Worth it to you.

Sounds a bit hippy-ish, but it’s the best I have.

When I hit that plateau one thing I’ll do is go into training mode and find one thing I didn’t know about my character, whether it be a matchup situation he can best or a silly combo or gimmick reset. Then go online or offline and hit it on people for as long as they’ll fall for it. It doesn’t even need to be good or a new “best” tactic. Just something to keep your mind on the game.

And sometimes it leads to an abusive tactic and you’ve stepped up your game just a notch higher.