Are fighting games in general popular with the youth?


whenever i sign on and i get ready to play me some umvc3 i always notice that 99.9% of all my friends are playing call of i am ready to get in to some lobbys and wouldn’t you know that every one i meet adults with like one exception.not that i want to hear five year old screaming into the mic but this really bugs me because i enjoy fighting games i enjoy them more then i’ll ever like a fps. but why dose it seem that kis/teens arent in to fighting games? any answers?


They actually take some time and a little patience to really get into, which is why kids don’t play them often.

It’s not like in CoD people are like “Oh man I have no idea how to fire this gun better go into training mode”


Fighting games are more niche than giga blockbuster AAA titles like CoD. Most of the super dedicated players who play almost everyday are in the 20-30’s age range because a lot of them either got into fighting games in college or from playing them when arcades were more common.


so are fighting games just gonna die in the next generation of people


I’m going to open a retirement home with ST cabs for all the old men, then when they pass on I’m going to open a museum which will document the extinction of the fighting game player.

It’s a very sad story, people in the years to come will come and marvel at the concept of ‘an arcade’ and playing games in person in general.


Is tough steak in general popular with the elderly?


i see what you did there


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it’s sad but true most kids and early teens find even brawlers like devil may cry, god of war difficult, Whereas they can just jump play COD and have fun.

I realized this after my cousin jump from racing games to COD. I though he played racing games because he liked cars but that wasn’t the case. They were just easy to play.


I noticed this too with some friends and some nephews, of course it was all good until they started to see advanced drinving techniques that they weren’t able to replicate, after that they jumped the racing games to COD :frowning:


Honestly, not at all. I know of maybe two “gamer” friends who play, and one of them only plays Vanilla MvC3 whenever I go over to his place. Fighters take a ton of practice, and when it comes down to it, they’re quite repetitive. Unlike FPS games, where in an online experience, creativity and options are endless. Plus, a majority of teenage boys like explosions and guns twice the size of their actual body. :\


You see the kids, they listen to the rap music which gives them the brain damage. With their hippin and the hoppin and the bippin and the boppin, so they don’t know what the jazz is all about.


Kids aren’t into fighting games because the generation gap. They weren’t there when SF came out on arcades. They weren’t there for the old consoles like SNES. They never even heard of shoryuken and hadokens.


Fighting games wont die out. This is precisely why UMvC3 is such an essential game because its hella fun at any level. There are people(like most of us here on shoryuken) that cant even really explain why we like fighters, and yet we do so we play them. There will be kids like that in the future as well. The ones who will pick up the game are the ones dont enjoy losing.


My kids Play marvel, sf, and xtekken. No fps, too violent and too much Ppl that curse every other word. If u want. Kid to play fighting games u gotta show them that fighting games are fun.


I figured this thread would turn into “Fighter gaems r 2 hard for teh n00bs”

Basically, I’m 29, and been playing since SF2WW came out on SNES, and as of NOW nostalgia is the ONLY reason I’ll touch a fighting game. In this generation of gaming so much simply overshadow FG’s.

And another thing thats objective is looks. You people complain that others wont play SFIV SFXT or MVC3…look at the graphics. While I think MVC3 is stylized enough, but really, a non FG player isnt going to be impressed. MK, DOA, even SC/Tekken, games that are pretty hated on, get casual sales/play because they look good to people.


When Ono visited my city for the release of SFxT I checked out the line and there were like 2 kids in the whole line. There was also a really old man with an oxygen tank. Yeah.


No not really. Kids now a days want everything handed to them and they don’t like dedication. Fighting games require you to do your own research and dedication, something many kids lack. Marvel vs Capcom is really popular, my friends who hate Street Fighter because it is " Too Hard" love Marvel vs Capcom, DBZ Fighting Games and Naruto.

They like the characters but they don’t play the games. Its like how people love Spiderman but have never picked up a comic book in their life.


I am going to visit that retirement home every day until I’m old and then once I’m old I’ll move in too :angel:


People in general don’t seem to understand the concept of going out of the house to play video games.