Are fighting games ruining my familiy?

so me and my brother play a health dose of my mvc3, but, if i win he says “oh you cheat” and “all you do is run away” (keep in mind he stays at full screen dropping hadokens till i punish). if i lose then it’s " oh let me do my catdaddy" and other insane things, lately (as in yesterday) he said that because i won and didn’t to play [read: listen to his bitching and moaning] that he wouldn’t by certain thing that he owes me. then i punched him in shit and took his ds and mp3 player( keep in mind he’s 3 years older than me).
But my question is,sihould i limit fighting games to friends and tournaments only?

did you know? fighting games have statistically been proven to be a major cause in the breakdown of familial relations

how old are you guys? if you’re both above 16-17 then it’s definitely not the game thats ruining it o.o

If your bro’s 18, then he sucks, and both of you need to seriously mature up. He should be beasting on you so hard you cry and throw controllers.

Reminds me of making my sister and cousin salty in Tekken 3. Of coruse, I was the oldest at like 8-10 so that made sense.

You two should just mature up.


I really don’t understand half of what you wrote due to bad grammer.

Sounds like you guys should stick to playing single player games.


I think you have more precious matter to deal with than how you play games. First apologize to your brother for the things you did in retaliation.

Grow up and stop being pricks because of a video game.

brothers will fight, it’s totally normal but if you guys want to improve and have fun then one of you will have to man up, apologize and start teaching the other how he can improve instead of arguing and fighting

Don’t worry, the game naturally just brings out the salt.

You guys need to go to Dr Phil show. With the thread title as the title of the episode.

Grow up.

your brother is a scrub

Time to man up and punch that motherfucker in the face.

Keep fighting inside the game, not outside.

This too.

if theres no gameshark or whatever involved and someone is saying you’re cheating in a FIGHTING GAME, god have mercy on their soul

Uhhh if you’re worried about fucking fighting ruining your family, you’ve got MUCH bigger problems…