Are Fighting Games the right choice for me?


I’ve got to a point where I’m quite capable of fighting the computer on Medium difficulty but I just cant seem to progress skill wise any further. I get bodied repeatedly online, I try to learn combos and learn from my mistakes, I’ve got 10+ years of COD experience which may be my downfall because I feel I can’t be good at anything other than shooters, I really do want to succeed at Fighting Games and I have the determination, I’m just lacking knowledge, advice and guidance. Anybody out there willing to take a noob apprentice under their wing and teach me the ways of Fighting Games. Thanks guys


I feel like there’s already a couple of these types of threads up, and you could probably just go in one of them and ask the same question instead of creating a new thread. But since I got a warning for posting an “unhelpful” reply, I’ll give this one a go.

Playing the AI can be beneficial to a very small extent. I would do arcade mode if I was a complete noob to the game just so I could familiarize myself with the basics and get comfortable with the buttons, etc. But you’ll reach a plateau pretty quickly playing against the AI, even on the hardest level. That’s when I’d say to stop completely, and then start playing people. You’ll still get bodied, for quite a while (at least in my case). But over time, if you’re committed, and you’re having fun, you will progress.
Win or lose, save the replay of your first match. Then just keep playing. Don’t watch it. Save a couple more if you want, but don’t delete and watch your first match. After a couple of months of straight playing, compare your latest match with your first match. You’ll see how terrible you were when you first started.


The nerds who play online most likely played more than you. It’s as if someone new were to say play COD while versing you. Course you have some guys who play casually and some who simply chose to be more competitive. Really not that complicated.


The computer means nothing, arcade mode means nothing. Playing people in person and learning with them is everything.


Alright, alright. What is it with these people with join dates of like 2 minutes trying to give advice? Anyway…

First of all, let’s start off with some basic info. What character(s) do you main? Do you have difficulties with certain character match-ups, or are you just getting blown up by everyone? Is it possible for you to record some footage of your play? It would make it much, much easier to diagnose your issues.


I was using Ken because I was half familiar with the shoto style moves but Ive switched to Abel and I’m having fun learning him, I can’t record gameplay at the moment, I’m just assessing myself after a fight knowing where I’ve been screwing up


It is a matter of Grinding, getting good at them is a lot like getting enough gold to buy that awesome armor in oldschool NES role playing games. You fight and fight and fight. Don’t worry about winning, the wins will come. Just grind. Learn a combo in training mode, then play the computer until you can land the combo without thinking about it, then take it online and try to land that combo and do it until you can do it without thinking. Learn your normal moves by picking one move and play the computer only using that move. Learn its range, learn what it counter, learn what beats it, then take it on line and focus on landing that move and learn how real people respond to it.