Are fightpads worth it?


I’ve been meaning to get an arcade stick, but since right now I only play ggpo (no system to play sf4 on), I wanted to wait until I got a new system and ssf4 before buying one, so I’m thinking about getting a pad instead. For example, this right here:;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=103558

I’m really tempted to buy it, but a couple of friends have told me they’re not worth it since they die in like 2 seconds. Is it true? How reliable are they?

Thanks in advance.


They are pretty darn cheap so you COULD get one but I mean…coming from someone who went through it already…I’d suggest getting a stick and learning with it rather than wasting your time on a pad and switching down the road.

When you go stick you never go back :slight_smile:


The fight pads are pretty reliable since many people even use the 360 fightpad pcb in dual mods.


they’re worth it for dual mods because the pcb is cheap and easy to hack. However they are shit for actually playing on.


as a saturn pad player who had to use a fightpad recently, they’re pretty shit


if I were a pad player, I would try to find a better pad like an original saturn pad and use a converter with it. Or one of those bad ass neo geo pads… those madcatz fightpads are garbage.


I don’t really understand the FP hate, I’ve used mine since day 1 and loved it. It sits comfortably in your hand and the bigger buttons just feel comfortable as well. To each their own, but you may just want to buy one and test it out, if you don’t like the feel of it just return it and find something else you want to try.


I have to agree. I bought a fightpad, mostly to use with emulators on my PC since I use a stick, and I love it. Feels nice, d-pad works well, and uniform size for all 6 face buttons is great.


I personally like the bigger buttons on the SFIV fight pad, but still think the dpad on the saturn is better. If only I could glue each better half of the controller together.


There are very good players playing on the MadCatz Fightpad by choice. If I remember right, the original release versions had some reliability issues with the rubber under the dpad wearing out too quickly.