Are foriegn women better to marry than american women?

Are Foriegn women better for marriage compared to american women?

hell yeah, american women are garbage

No, they are just able to bitch at you in a different language. But if you are in the U.S, you get to see more booties of different kinds than if you travel to another country to check out your booty.

So it depends, do you want to go to a restaurant and pay a little more for the higher quality, or do you wanna come to the buffet, get different types of flavors but a lower quality? I don’t know about you, but buffets are pretty damn popular.

All women can be lumped into a few different categories based on their place of birth. American women and Y. French women and X. Kenyan women are Z. /sarcasm

What kind of dumbass thread is this?

all marriage is equally dumb.

Women are all crazy. Depending on where they’re from, you might get a different flavor of crazy


I’m surprised it has taken this long. It usually comes up at least 3-4 times a year, but I don’t remember seeing it at all in 2009.


This thread is stupid. HOwever, I will say this. Before you run off with some hottie from country X, learn a little about their culture and how they act around families. Otherwise she’ll move in with you in America and next thing you know some weird shit is happening like her relatives or parents staying for months (no joke) at a time. Sometimes they have the impression that since you are an American you have money so they sponge, sometimes it’s something else. Either way, be warned because cultural differences are way bigger than most people will ever realize.

It depends on one factor.

The woman.

American does not have the market cornered on crazy tricks.

dudes that are usually super into “foreign” girls are generally getting into inherently unequal relationships where the foreign chick is essentially completely dependent (due to money, language, isolation, etc…) on the guy for everything and acts accordingly…seeing as having seeming complete control in a relationship is desirable and for the most part you’re not gonna get that with an american or western chick in general, yeah foreign girls are “better”. but let that relationship dynamic slip up a (be it due to her developing competent english, get a job/friends/etc…) and your ass is wrap. a lot of these dudes that slob over these hcicks from 3rd world countries bcuz the chicks are so submissive get owned beyond belief when these chicks get their bearings and adapt.

No matter how “different” the women is, the kitchen is all the same.

i hear japan has the best women and america has the worst.

Not if they’re marrying you solely for permanent residency.


They still only want your money…but at least they put some effort into actually taking care of you. And depending on the country, aren’t a fat slob.

Funny, but not as funny as your signature.

Why would a foriegn women be better to mary that a domestic one? If a woman is going to fuck you over, she’s going to fuck you over regardless of where they come from.


Stupid thread is stupid.


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