Are gamers full of negativity? Why are there so many complaints in every game?


Too much free time.
That’s it. Ive been disappointed by tons of games lately but I have better things to do. Ffxv was the last thing I bitched about extensively but that’s because that was an unfinished, unpolished, untested mess if SHIT. A literal steal that was maybe 70% done at launch at best.


So still more game that EA/Dice Star wars Battle front


While that’s true…I still had 500x more fun in that game.
While this is it the topic for it, I’ll say that even though battlefront was monumental rip off it was still fun. At least for me. Doesn’t excuse the shitty business practice though.

Back to the topic though I notice most of the overly toxic and negative gamers are either anorexically thin and wear cat ears or obese and pimply.
You all know it’s true.


Everyone in the world complains about something they have a vested interest in.
Especially if it lets them down.

Let it be comics, card games, video games, tv shows, sport teams, you name it.


I wonder how many of the people who complains about gamers negativity has seen a sport fan go on a rant about his team, or their national soccer team for example.


People have to complain to counter act that massive influx of idiot gamers that just eat whatever shit pie developers and studios crap out in front of them. If people didn’t complain we would all be playing NMS for years right along side the martian.


If the DLC will eventually become not free then it’s a way to fuck over people who don’t, depending on the publisher, either buy your game at launch or pre-order it.


One could interpret that as rewarding early adopters, since priority would be on potential buyers rather than people who don’t buy it. It’s really hard to gauge in this era.

Don’t think people aren’t looking at Titanfall 2, a game that literally avoided everything people hate about sales tactics while being a good game, still didn’t smash sales charts and the population is ‘eh’.

We would need a fighting with exactly zero DLC or season passes, not so much as extra costumes, to launch. For $80. Then we’ll see if the FGC puts their money where their mouth is.


I don’t really see how is fucking over if the dlc becomes not free after some time.


I found a nice article for these younglins to read.


so the solution is get rid of the internet then. hmm.

SFV and MVCI are sub-par compared to past titles. Capcom keeps fucking up but i don’t think they can continue doing business like this forever. i don’t think i’d buy SF6 now until it’s been out for a while and it looks more fun than frustrating. SFV treatment was/is very frustrating so it’s understandable to see people bitch, but i can see how all that can get to others and annoy them too.

it’s causing two extremes: excessive negativity and shilling.


Yea as much as people complain about dlc theres an awful lot if people that still buy it. I cant see itgoing anywhere since it gives them extended cash flow


DLC’s by themselves are not a problem, is the way some companies have been handling them.


I’m in the same boat, but I don’t want to pay for them honestly. In Xrd I did it simply because they came free. I wouldn’t have bought Baiken or Answer had they not been included in the update.

My money is better spent on booze.


People buy the shitty ones tho too

To the point that it just seems like empty complaints.


I think another factor that goes along with being invested in something is; coming realization that one’s voice is probably in the minority, which means the sales data isn’t going to do your favorite franchise and/or developer any favors when looking to get funding for a new game. That used to get on my nerves back in the day, but it is what it is really.


Vote with your wallet? or just Ignore it… if you can


The EA/Dice game despite looking pretty is not the Old series in terms of Fun and Game Modes.


It’s because bitching about games is oftentimes more fun than actually playing the games.

I mean, that’s the truth. If it wasn’t the truth, they’d be playing the games instead.

In all seriousness, the good games typically don’t have marketing budgets or brand recognition so they often remain unknown. All the time-tested household name brands and IPs are controlled by megacorps that don’t want mild successes, they want absolute jackpots, so we see all of our favorite games and characters getting loaded down with overpriced DLC (MvCI) sometimes announced before the game has even gone gold (DBFZ), lootboxes in games that by their nature suffer from their inclusion (Shadow of War), pay-to-win mechanics that undermine even the mildest of competitive viability (Battlefront II), and I’m sure dozens of other transgressions, like DLC Matchmaking (Activision) and other bullshit. It’s no longer about what gamers want, it’s about what gamers are willing to pay for.

That said, I think there will be good games out there, simply because a lot of smaller companies and developers don’t have brand recognition to use as a crutch so they actually HAVE to make good games to stand a chance. It’s just, I think more and more you are going to see that only happen with smaller companies, and more and more you’re going to see the household name games become nothing more than vehicles for virtual marketplaces.


As someone that’s played a lot of ranked games like WoW arenas, LoL, Overwatch etc.

The people that get past the tilt and the complaints are often high ranked players in any game they get on.

I’ve got a friend who used to play for Quantic Gaming and I’ve played with him in games he’s new at and he’s ass at first. He doesn’t stay ass though as he knows how to learn and improve and not bitch constantly.

It’s just too hard a pill to swallow for some people that they might be the reason they’re struggling