Are gaming endorsements losing their effectiveness?


Pretty straight to the point question.

It seems almost like everytime you turn around now these companies are endorsing another moderately-known gamer in the scene.

What kind of profit are these companies making off of the competitive gaming industry? At one point it almost seemed exclusive, now its starting to looking like the “new thing” to do. Especially since a large number of these “top players” arent making top 5. And just for the hell of it, there are no female top players in the current fighters so…what exactly is going on here?

I had a friend of mine try to explain that the endorsements also favor “characters and personalities” but ultimately, you could say Juicebox is a good player amists all his awkward rainman-esque body language shenanigans. The same cant be said for a lot of others.

Do these endorsers pay for their travel and housing to various tournaments? Some of these clans are getting up be upwards of 10-15 players on a roster. These people arent placing top 3 at tournaments, which is my failure to see what exactly is being accomplished at this point.

Can someone provide a little more clarity? It’s looking like a gaming fad right now.


They keep doing it, so they must be making money.

And even if they aren’t making a profit then whatever, we’d all still take that money as long as they’re giving it out.


That wasnt my point.

I was asking not only where is the money coming from, but apparently from just reading a few comments on the front page; Marn said EG only really cared about Justin Wong. So are they just cock-stroking credentials in the tournament scene? I mean, obviously Choco Blanka wont be winning any major tournaments any time soon, so how is that not a company loss to sponsor her travel to the US for tournaments?

Thats the part I need clarity on.

What are these gaming endorsements really translating to at this point.


Marketing I assume

I know I goggled most of these sponsors so at the very least they are catching my attention. Maybe they see fighting games as an untapped market and they want a piece of it.


ChocoBlanka just got signed to Evil Geniuses.

I believe that they pay for travel. Room I’m not certain.

With stuff like MadCatz, it makes sense: here are these great players using MadCatz stuff. If people see that top players are using their sticks, they’ll be more likely to buy one i.

With EG though, I don’t know really. Could be EG trying to diversify. Wong historically has a great track record. Ricky is pretty good too. I do agree with you about it being a bit more trivial with regards to whom they sign. Floe for instance … that was a bit of a surprise. I’m not saying he’s a bad player … but, I don’t think he’s good enough to get signed though (although he clearly did, so there). When was the last time he placed top 3 in anything recent?

Calculated risk?


I don’t really know what other people said, but when I listened to the WakeUp interview with Marn, he gave mixed signals. On the one hand, he felt a lot of pressure to do well and that started to take its toll on him. On the other hand, he asked to get paid and EG responded with “Ok well, what exactly have you done”?

I dunno. Marn has been living in Wong’s shadow for years now. I hope he does well.

It’s unclear what the endorsements are translating to this early into it. However, the recognition certain people are getting is well-earned.

Could just be advertising for their website, as well as their group. I never heard of EG or BLG before any of this.


Because even if they don’t win majors, alot of folks still follow these players. Look at other sports, majority of F1 drivers will never win the World Championship, let alone a single race, yet they still get millions of dollars in endorsements and sponsorships. Obviously, a similar thing (but on a way smaller scale) is happening here.

P.S. if Rockefeller endorsed something I’d buy it in a heartbeat.


Thats the thing, all a lot of SOLID players, but not necessarily the cream of the crop if you want to be frank.

And thats debatable, but the fact of the matter is…if you’re not Justin Wong, what does an endorsement off MvC3 really mean? lol.

I cant be the only person just confused. The NBA would never draft just “ok” and “solid” college BB players. They pick the ones that are shaking shit up. These endorsers have something else up under their sleeve?

Not to pick on the Choco Blanka chick but shes the “best female street fighter player in the world” So you’re the best in a very short list. I cant believe in 2011 we still have this titty obsession, I thought we were past that “gamers are incredibly big geeks” stereotype.

Wasnt there only 8 girls that actually played at Evo last year? And didnt Kayane win at that? So she’s the best female player in the world, but didnt even make it to the finals at the largest fighting game tournament in the western world? I hate when people throw around things like “best ____” or “greatest ----” Come on. I’m the best black guy in the US who plays Tobal no.1.


That’s a really good idea. Someone needs to sign him up asap.


What does “following” translate to? When you follow a singer you go to their concerts, you buy their records, you purchase things they endorse.

When I watch Twisted Jago I want to. . .search for him on youtube? I already have a SF TE stick…Jago wont make me buy another one.


You obviously haven’t seen all the folks asking about which stick Daigo is using (referring to the new FightStick PRO prototypes that MadCatz is making him use) in Tech Talk.


Well obviously you’re right. But I wasnt talking about Daigo, obviously.

I’m talking about the other 80 people who are well known for travelling and just being there. lol.

hands you your comment back


EG players have blogs, EG is getting more traffic.

Signing international players gets that region looking at their site.

Momochi and ChocoBlanka are a pair, she’s been traveling with him. It was only beneficial to sign her as well. Get a foot in the competitive female gamer market.

You say it’s silly, but it’s fact.

I have no idea what EG’s product is, I know that some corps like Intel have something to do with them.

I know Madcatz is trying to get a foot in the Japan stick market and signing those players and having them use their sticks and winning has to be benefiting them a lot more than they pay to fly their signed players around right now.

Hori took notes (retaliated) and got Sako, AndyOCR, Warhawk, and Tatsu (Tatsu crowd favorite).


Getting drafted in the NBA means a 6-7 figure salary, getting signed by EG means you get to stay in a hotel room with 10 other people free of charge. It’s not really comparable. Justin and Floe are already good friends, and already go to the same tournaments, how much trouble could it be to have Floe wear a T-Shirt too?


I think your expectations are set a little high. Fighting games havent made it to the NBA level yet (although with the potential the baseball/football lockouts, hmm …). You gotta start somewhere. I think people are trying to raise fighting games to the precident of other of the so called “e-sports” and this is a preliminary step. Yea, they might not be the cream of the crop, but at least they’re getting recognized. I doubt the players are making money of of being endorsed, but maybe one day they will have some kind of league. To use your basketball analogy, not everyone in the NBA plays at the level of a Kobe/Lebron/Jordan, but many people find the game still entertaining. People do tune in to watch them score lots of points, but they do need players to play against, even if they aren’t A-Tier.

It’s true that Choco and Kayane are on a short list, but at the same time, gimmicky titles like “World’s Best Female Player” help display that females also play these games. This might help get more women playing fighting games. I’m pretty sure there are women that play competitive games, but are under-represented because this is a pretty male-dominated genre.


Given his girth, it could be reasonably difficult.


The Mad Catz things makes all kinds of sense. I’m not even questioning that at all, like you said they have a product.

I kinda see the purpose, but the execution is a little stale.

I want to go over my little sisters house all of a sudden and teach her MvC3. She’s really good in Ratchet N Clank. Better than me.



Not that it matters but Juice Box is the type of name and personality that is rather difficult to forget, not really in a good way either. If a person gets to some degree popular then that’s probably enough to have a chance to get endorsed.

But just look at this, bunch of wackos out there, disgusting people who can’t make a name for themselves so they harass anyone who can.


Those are like sponsorships to sponsorships. Although that format kinda makes me think of Nascar. EG members have all kinds of different company logos on their shirts like Nascar driver’s cars have different company logos all over them. It’s still a weird format for players imo. Just being part of one big sponsor hub and not get anything out of it,but free travel and stay (and a few other small things).