Are gouken and dhalsim REALLY that bad of a matchup for hugo?

Or is it because of how rare these occasions are? I’ve noticed from playing a few giefs and thawks that command grabs seem to work at further distances if the other guy’s limbs is close enough even if they aren’t in the regular grappling range. like for instance you can grab a character from a farther distance if they use an attack that goes pretty far.

Does this apply to stretched limbs? Hugo’s bad matchup stems from dhal’s fireball heavy punch option, but dhalsim also has trouble when hugo gets about 4 inches his way.
I’ve noticed that hugo’s heavy punch hits from any distance, the dhalsims figure this out as well and change up how they approach the situation, as do I.
In general sim’s limbs can keep hugo at bay if there is enough distance.

Is this matchup due to rarity or is this the general consensus? Dhalsim’s can keep grapplers at bay, but at risk since his limbs aren’t sf2 limbs and can be struck mid animation.
There are few dhalsims who use the correct moves as well, some never teleport, which is bad if a grappler likes to mash reversals 24/7.

As a former Gouken main, I can attest that that MU is straight-up terrible for Hugo. Goukens MP hadouken travels at an angle that’s really, really hard for Hugo to deal with. If he’s standing, it will hit him. If he crouches under him, he can’t really stand up before Gouken recovers, beccause he’s so tall and broad that the fireball will hit him in the back of his head if he gets up too early. Jumping over them is hard too, and gives Gouken a free combo if he does it wrong. They can be focused / EX lariated through, but Gouken can space himself so that those options become really bad, and Gouken will have three bars by the time Hugo has one. On top of that, almost any hit from Gouken will send Hugo back fullscreen.

I feel it’s 8-2, honestly. If Hugo gets in during the first five seconds of the round, he can mix Gouken up to death as Gouken doesn’t have very good defensive options, but that’s really the only chance he’s got.

What if grapples bypassed gouken’s dash strike?What if gouken’s fireballs are necessary to keep hugo at bay?Hugo’s heavy punch is quite daunting, and his stump kick requires moderate timing as well. I think this means hugo is dangerous. I think nobody knows how to use this guy, I mean nobody. I sure as hell don’t.

Gouken lacks that dp you gotta respect, but his tatsu is a pain. Hm…hugo’s not being used correctly by me, there’s a way.

IMO Dhalsim/Gouken has very little to do with Hugo being able to beat them. When Hugo gets in on Gouken, he’s forced to make stupid decisions that lead to him getting 50/50. The problem is as @Naeras said, If Gouken guesses right, he can time Hugo out or chip him fullscreen. Same with Dhalsim, st.hp only has one hit of armor, so doesn’t do a whole lot against any sim worth his salt who can change up the rhythm of st.hp lp.fb. You can pressure Dhalsim like crazy on his wakeup though, since his non tiger knee teleport is hella unsafe and almost cake to clap O/S into meat squasher. Also with U2, Dhalsim has to be incredibly aware with the instant overheads and j.hp because Hugo can punish on block. Also @Easilyn sim’s grab box doesn’t extend as far as his arms, so it’s tougher to teleport grab him with st.hp, although you can do things like full-screen lariat or cr/ into super.

I’m trying to think of the best way for each of em. Sim can do fireball to hp to bypass hugo’s armor, and hugo can anticipate dhalsim’s teleport with that leaping the the air grab , but I haven’t tried much else lol. I wonder if clap has priority over his limbs and it’s a timing thing.

Hm…medium punch could catch either off guard but it seems like it’s basically who can use their character’s playstyle the best :confused: