Are Happ Competition and IL Joystick Parts Interchangable?

Are Happ Competition and IL Joystick Parts Interchangable?

Has anyone here tried it? And if yes how is that working out for you?

I currently have a pair of IL’s in my Super Turbo cab and they are fantastic. The small square gate really makes a difference. One minor problem is that the joystick is a little too loose for my taste. I was wondering if I can get the Happ Competition heavy spring and put it inside the IL. I know sometimes if you swap springs with different joysticks it doesn’t work out well.

So I’m wondering if this works…

At one time IL did all Happs manufacturing, not any more
At that time Happs parts was just re-branded IL parts

Even now with Happs moving production to china. Happs can take IL parts and vice versa


What you prefer on IL’s? A hard spring or a light spring?

Really depends on your preference. The springs are relatively inexpensive so get one of each and see what works for you.

For sure.

For me back in the day I remember the majority of the springs in the arcade were hard. But I know there were light ones as well.

These days I think light springs are associate with Japanese while hard springs are associated with American. It seems like the idea of playing with your hands is Japanese and the idea of playing with your arms is American.

Okay, I had to scan my brain because it had been a couple of years. Back in 09 I put a hard spring in an iL competition. It was hard to even get the stick reassembled. You would have to have been a weight lifter to move it. Counterpoint:

Just installed the hard spring yesterday and it works great. Has that old school feel. Playing ST is like playing Hyper Fighting in the 7-11 back in the day.