Are Invites busted for HD REMIX? (PS3 ONLY)

I couldn’t find a thread but for 2 days straight now, my friend and I can’t get into each others created friendly match rooms. Is this something new? I noticed someone in the gg’s thread saying he got kicked back to the menu screen after accepting the invite (just recently)… all I would see is the text that says joining and then it cancels out to the friendly match menu screen.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something that I have to do to get this friendly match working? I can enter quick matches fine so I can at least play some games.

The settings I had was a match for 2 people (myself included in this number), private slot of 1, and I set it up for best of 3 (and 5, tried both).

If anyone has a clue on how I can get a match going, let me know. It’s frustrating having to deal with the PS3 connectivity issues.

I havne’t experienced this problem, but I typically keep all the settings at standard:best of 3, and just invite a friend.

You can likely count on the upcoming patch(hopefully coming soon, it’s been announced) to remedy many of this small…and not so small problems we’ve been having online.

it has happend to me a couple times. once with an online buddy who i have still yet to be able to play after many tries. and other times with local friends where it works sometimes. usually i just do quick matches because of it:rolleyes: