Are JLF microswitches worth upgrading?

I keep reading about how great cherry microswitches are; is there a measurable performance difference between the stock JLF microswitches and cherry microswitches?

I like the Cherry switches because they’re less noisy and they feel smoother. Not really a measurable performance, just preference to one feeling over the other.

I was under the impression that Cherry switches have a quicker engage than the JLF ones; is that not the case?

I was under the impression that the JLF already uses cherries.

No cherries are to soft for JLFs, so if you want to use them you’ll need to add a spring to the stick. I do find they engage quicker though, and definitely feel smoother cause of their softness, so if that’s what you want then go for it.

I think it’s better to just get a LS-32-01 though

the cherries are nice if you pair them with an ls 32 spring and tape/heat shrink on the actuator, otherwise i couldn’t stand it. too soft

personally i think the omron’s are far superior and it’s what i prefer

cherrys last longer too don’t they.

Jyeesh, you kids these days with your crazy detailed modding. :rofl:

The JLF’s stock microswitches are among the best. There’s absolutely no need to swap them out for anything else.

If you just plain dislike the JLF and you’re trying to find ways to significantly change it, you’re probably better off getting a new stick altogether.

I do like when people experiment with parts and find their own personal preferences, though. It sounds neat and crazy!


Everything is preference, I love the feel of the stock JLF. Wasn’t fond of the ‘ultimate mod’ or cherry switch mod.