Are JLF throws 100% symmetrical on the inside?


A quick rundown of my situation is as follows:

For a reason that I can’t remember at the moment I had to install my JLF sideways on my current stick (i.e. rotated by 90 degrees).

I’m wondering if this will in any way effect execution due to the throw being slightly longer in one direction than the other.


I mount my JLF’s vertically and I swear that with 3 that I have the left side seems to have less of a throw than the up down right sides… just by a small margin but noticable.


That’s why I asked this question I’m sensing the same thing.


After playing around with my JLF a bit I think you guys might be nuts, I can’t tell any throw difference :lol: maybe you guys are trying too hard to find a problem that you think you might see it?


I opened mine up a while back and based on the parts, it looks as symetric as can be. I do know that in general, throws to the left always feel shorter for me than in the right direction. Its usually why I prefer to play from the 2P position.


isn’t the gate a perfect square?


Also remember not all microswitches are made exactly the same, so even if the stick is mechanically centered, the differences in the microswitches’ activation depth (dead zone) could still contribute to the asymmetry. On 1 of my JLWs, I can sense holding the joystick to the left activates faster than to the right. This asymmetry sometimes messes up my moves because I don’t always ride the edges of the gate when I perform moves. I am thinking of buying buncha microswitches and test each one and find 4 closest ones and replace my microswitches so all 4 directions have the same activation force.