Are jobs obsolete?

The author makes a great point. So many things are automated now, even compared to the 90s and before that. If you look at something trivial like a sewing machine, it cut down on the time it took to sew up clothing significantly.

I don’t know whether his prediction will be right, but he makes great points that seem like we are headed that way.

Only in the first world. I mean, somebody has to make those machines you know…


by somebody I mean cheap Asian labor.

Well fuck, time to turn into a robot because I need damn job!!

considering everyone works and has a job. no

A fascinating argument, but that icky, ever present gap between the haves and have-nots will prevent the sort of utopia proposed by the author for the foreseeable future. It is an obstacle gummed immovably into place by irrationality and blind traditionalism. If people can’t even admit that welfare is okay, even the ones who need it, then the wealth of the world is going to stay in the hands of a very small minority.

Incidentally, while machines have revolutionized industry, it’ll be a while before they do the same for service. When push comes to shove, there are many situations when people would rather deal with people.

would make an interesting concept to build a scifi movie around, but while its hard imagining not having to work ever, its even harder (and scary) to imagine a world where we have automated medicine, government, entertainment, science/engineering, etc.

Won’t matter what people want, it will come down to what corporations want. I’ve asked these question MANY times. What do we do as a society when machines do all? Imagine automated McDonalds, vending machine Blockbusters, clothing stores with folding bots and Milo-esque kinect AI to answer questions. Sure people have to build those bots (or maybe bots will build themselves) or at least design them, but that isn’t a solution.

I see one of two things…either a utopia, or we rebel and destroy corporations like the oppressive monarchies they believe themselves to be

40-hour work weeks are

transformers sound

You might as well question anything we do in life to be obsolete.

The funny thing is, 95% of SRK would have no problem pressing buttons in the same pattern for hours everyday like drones. And be fat.

You will always need human customer service.
People always complain that they hate talking to “machines”.

That’s cause they grew up talking to people. Give it a generation and its all robots and fleshlights

i hope not. if we got EMP’d we’d be even more fucked over the more we depend on machines to meet many of our needs.

This is what I was thinking of. Corporations are all about cutting costs, and if that means cutting jobs and replacing them with machinery, then they will do it (at long as it is feasible).

I should have put in the title “Will jobs become obsolete?” as the current title implies that jobs are already obsolete. The author of the article should have done the same, but I’m sure he was going for shock value.

i’m currently working on some machines for automation. what makes me uncomfortable is i know they are built to replace people. ironically we have assemblers who are building these machines that will replace them in the future.

You know the funny thing about people who talk about communism is how little they know about it. A couple of things about Marx: 1) He loved capitalism and what it could do for people, 2) he thought communism would be the natural evolution after capitalism because 3) capitalism would reach a point where people wouldn’t need to work for it to function. So as opposed to talking to those cumquats who created facist states, it is far more important to point how Marx owned the bitch ass article this nigga wrote by about 150 years. So shotouts to Marx and the people who think Marx = communist Russia, China and Cuba.

“Only a sucker works a 9 to 5,” right?

My buddy is an engineer at a major steel mill. His job is pretty much figuring out whether it’s cheaper to replace somebody with a machine when they retire quit or get fired.

Like it or hate it, I really feel our way of life is going to dramatically change in the next 10-15 years

Careful when hiring them robots!

Soon they would want equal rights and form robot unions.

TriforceBot 2000 carries a Sega Activator to robot business meetings.