Are Ken/Yun/Chun top tier without their supers?

If Yun weren’t to use SA3, Chun SA2 and Ken SA3 - do you think they’re still considered top tier? Or does the super make the char?

yun, yes
ken, probably not
chun, yes

EDIT: holy shit, i just realized my answers were backwards
yun - wouldn’t be top tier
ken - would be top tier
chun - wouldn’t be top tier

Without SA3 I’d say Yun’s even worse than Yang. Damage goes to shit. Same with Chun. Without SA2, how does she hurt you? Ken is the only one out of those 3 who doesn’t lose all his damage without his best super.

yes to all but chun

yun - yes
chun - no
ken - no

Ken is always a threat, regardless of super. Chun has the best ground game in the game. Yun would suck without Genei Jin. He wouldn’t SUCK, but he’d def. wouldn’t be top tier.

Yun without meter is not scary at all. I’d say he would be a solid mid tier at best. Chun gets most of her damage by kara-throws because her oponent is too scared to attack back in fear of the super. Well that and b+fierce. Without it she would just be another Elena IMO. Maybe a little better. Ken is still a beast even without meter.

dont you mean no, yes, yes in that case? :slight_smile:

To all the ones that answered, I think you mean the opposite for all of them.

I’d say the only one that could be TT without super is Ken, Yun is nothing without GJ and Chun is based on throws and supers…so I don’t really know.

nes, nes, yo.

Ken: Yes… his cross-up is still there, as well as the usual shoto mix-ups
Chun: Yes… her pokes,, and kara-throw is still a threat
Yun: No… can’t really land big damage even in punishemnt situations. Dive kick is still there, but lack of the ability to deal damage/take damage brings him down to mid-tier.

Is this a joke thread? The obvious answer is:

Ken remains a threat…the others blow.

Wtf can Yun and Chun do without meter? The damage they do without super is based on the threat of their SUPERS…sooo…think about that.

Bear in mind that if they didn’t have those supers, people would have probably put more time into finding workable strategies for their other supers, so it’s possible there’s something we haven’t considered…although it does seem likely to me that Ken would be the only threat :/.

^ Wins the thread.

Nah man, give the top players some fucking credit. Guys don’t just go robo-mode for 5 years and completely neglect good shit. If it hasn’t been found by now, it’s prolly not there. The only example (that i can think of) which contradicts what I’m saying is when ppl discovered Sent’s c. fierce unblockable. That shit was discovered years after Sent had been dominating the scene…

actually, yun’s sa2 is pretty good but pales in comparison with gj. still, he wouldnt be top tier since he takes a lot of damage and wouldnt be able to do much pressure without gj.
ken would still be top tier
chun would be mid tier at best, she has good pokes but her turtling goes to shit ih she doesnt have the sa2 to punish/threat the opponent.

Ken might be the best out of the 3 without supers, but I don’t think he would be top tier. He’d have no useful links, and c.MK at a good distance wouldn’t have anything to follow it up with, unlike Ryu who has his hurricane. Ken would have to be up close 95% of the time to do good damage, which is risky. Plus he has no kara throw.

I think Dudley, Urien, and Makoto would be far better than the current 3 if they didn’t have their supers.

I know it’s common for people to fuck around with low tier characters and find stuff that brings them up, but I don’t know of anyone that bothers fucking around with weaker SAs. Granted, maybe this is just because the game’s so old, but it does seem possible, if unlikely, that stronger strats could be found.

Much more likely though is that most/some people here don’t know much about playing the top tier characters with different SAs at a high level. I know I sure as hell don’t.

Huh? st strong st fierce DP would still work, as would cr forward DP kara DP. Ken has a high hit-to-damage ratio, quite possibly the highest in the game. Well, thats not true, Hugo is stronger, but Ken is up there and definitely above the other two. Put me in the Ken is still good and the other 2 blow. If nobody has any supers at all, Ken owns pretty much everyone except possibly Hugo, and I think Alex would be a pretty solid char. If you get to use supers but not each of their best supers, ie, Urien is losing Aegis, Yun loses GJ etc., then I think Ken still comes out on top because his Shoryureppa is still a very good super that can be used much like SAIII, just doesn’t charge as fast (does considerably more damage however). Remember, parry would still be in there, and Ken is good because he can get around the parry. He is a threat with or without meter, whereas Yun and Chun basically rely almost completely on their supers to scare people.

Also, Ken does have a kara throw. I use the b+forward move, most people use the RH I believe.

Nah man. I think Dudley is the best character without super, hands down. He has (by far) the highest hit:damage and hit:stun ratios in the game.

are you guy’s idiots?

Yun with SA anything but III gets fucking owned.

Ken with SAII is decent

Chun with SAI is pretty good.

So Chun- Yes
Ken - Maybe

If you’re talking NO supers:

Chun - Yes, she will out prioritize you forever, and you will have nothing to punish her whiffs with
Ken - His rushdown might work, but probably not
Yun - NO WAY.

Best character w/ no super would be Dudley.