Are large TV's bad to play on?


I’ve recently moved my Xbox into a different room, and set it up with another TV.

It’s rather large. I’ve only read a few posts commenting on delay. Are larger TV’s bad for SFIV?


Read the post on HDTV lag.


Ill trade you my 22’ monitor if thats too big for you.

No its not to big unless you’re worried about lag and its some TV’s Set it up and tell us if you get any lag if so refer to HDTV Lag, But mostly (Like my big TV) I don’t have any lag, Even put it side by side with my CRT and LCD Monitors


I have an LCD '56. Will adjusting the size of the resolution on my TV lower any chances of lag/delay?


Ideally, you want the device’s output resolution to match your TV’s native resolution. Then you want to enable Game mode to eliminate/reduce any post video processing your TV may be performing. That’s the best way to reduce lag.


Damn, I wish I knew how to do that.


in all honesty, people who complain about HDTV lag are taking it far too seriously lol.
I’ll play on a 50 inch lcd versus a 20 inch lagless crt any day of the week.


They take it seriously because some of us don’t want to be scrubs getting better and being part of the scene is what makes it fun and the mindgames. I think you take it way to lightly.


My reciever has a built in a/v sync so there isn’t any lag

it’s pretty sweet

  • The A/V sync simply delays the audio to match the video. It doesn’t fix input lag at all.


regardless I don’t have to calibrate to play any rythm games and i’ve noticed no lag in any non-rythm game


It does the same with the VIDEO, Thats why its called A/V SYNC, Audio/Video.

Syncs Video to Audio, Audio to Video, So it doesn’t stop lag but it definitely helps.


How can it possibly help video lag? Virtually every audio receiver passes HD video (720p and 1080i/p) through untouched. ANY video processing that a receiver does cannot actually speed up the video processing of the original device. The video still has to go the TV as either 720p or 1080i/p, which the TV still has to process normally.

I have a Denon AVR-3808ci. It has auto audio delay adjustments and manual adjustments from 0ms-200ms. It in no way affect input lag on my TV (Sharp 52D85U) according to the stopwatch test I originally ran.


Consult your TV’s manual. Read the HDTV lag thread that was linked to you.


If you’re playing online, it really doesn’t make a difference anyway.


Well considering most of this forum use to be serious competitive players it is a pretty serious big deal. Some LCD’s and DLP’s have such insane amounts of lag up to 8 frames on some models, Balrog can jab you and recover before you even see it. I’d say thats pretty significant.


That’s assuming he’s running it in 720p-1089i/p Also what does your adjustments have any relation to what his is? The video doesn’t have to go to 720-1080i/p, Unless you run it through hdmi.

  • My adjustment has nothing to do with his. It was simply an observation that the sync did nothing in my case. It’s not like I have a low end receiver with limited options.

I don’t know of ANY receiver that will sync video and audio to correct for input lag. All of the ones I know of simply delay the audio to match the delay caused by video processing. Even the ones that have auto sync are usually only referencing the “Lip Sync” feature for BluRay movies, not games. If there is receiver that does this, the make and model should be posted for other users to test.


That’s not the case. Input lag from the display and from latency are additive.


LoL wut?
You do realize that lag won’t make shit magically disappear right?