Are Level 1 and Level 2 supers invincible?


Just curious to know if there are some level 1’s that are invincible. I was fighting a friend of mine who was using K-Maki and I was using S-Rock. It was getting really close so I just decided to spam out Raging Storms [level 1’s] but right after I did my raging storm Maki did her rushing super [not the kick super but the punching one]. I’m there like… fuck… that level 3 is going to knock me out of the water but she lost to Rock’s Raging storm and I won the match.

So do some level 1’s have invincibility? And what about level 2’s? I’m curious to know if they are just level 1 supers with invinicibility frames… and could they beat out level 3’s?


Level 2’s have some invincibility but not as much as level 3s. But it is still enough to be very powerful.

What probably happened is maki’s super ran out of invincibility by the time it reached you, and your raging storm was still out. Then its basically her uninvincible punches against a fireball (raging storm).

Basically non invincible moves will lose to this just as they would a normal fireball. And because it completely surrounds rock any non invincible move will be beaten as long as the flame is still out

edit: also perhaps rocks ducking animation caused any of makis hits to go over his head.


Well the thing was that I did my Raging Storm first then Maki came in so I thought that Maki would destroy Rock because she got her invincibility frames up after I did my Raging Storm. Maki just kept hitting for a while then got hit by some of the hits of the Raging Storm.


Rock most likely tucked all of her attacks then.

edit: ducked rather…


Yeah… I’m thinking that’s what happened, too. Raging storm is a stationary projectile super.


I think lvl 1’s in S groove only, have some invincibility.
Not sure…because crazy shit has happened to me against S groove. I’ll test it out.


All lvl 1’s have invincibility. The window is just so so so so small




Not all lvl1 Supers have invincibility, but most of them do (Blanka’s b-f-b-f+LK Super for example would be an exception). Rock’s 2xqcf+LP has 8 frames of invincibility (according to the Enterbrain CvS2 Guidebook).