Are live matches effective stick training?

I have to admit, training mode to me can be boring and repetitive. I really enjoy fighting live opponents – even if I’m not that good – to train on the stick. These matches are far more engaging than punishing a dummy for hours straight. My question is whether or not this is effective practice for mechanical execution on the stick even if I’m not practicing the same thing over and over again.

Thanks for any responses.

I’d say it just depends on whether you think it’s helping or not.
I learned stick primarily through just playing matches, but it probably depends on what character you’re using and whether or not you’re really getting any progress done.
It depends on if you’re making progress by just playing matches (which I think playing stick in general = improving stick skills. No matter how really). And the speed you want to learn stick, 'cause training mode practice is probably more thorough.
Hope this helps, although stick always came as a sort of second nature to me right from the get-go :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer playing matches if you’re sole plan is to learn how to do proficient on the stick. Training mode is great for learning specific setups, counters to attacks, and practicing link combos. But there is no replacement for live match play. It’s going to introduce several variables that will affect your execution, and you have to learn how to mentally and physically handle that environment. Doing a combo 10 times in a row in training mode is a great start, but getting that to translate to match play will take some time.

Thanks for the speedy replies!

If you can’t do it in real matches does it really matter? I think hardest thing about learning stick isn’t the buttons but getting the movement down properly. Especially if you end up playing air-dash fighters.

If your goal is to learn how to use a stick better, I think live matches would be more useful just cause in a match you’re not doing the same motion and it forces you to react to whats happening on screen. In training mode, you already know what you’re going to do so it’s kinda brain dead. If you wanna be a better player, prepare to spend long hours in training mode

Mmmmm, it is and it isn’t. I used to think this and thus spent all my time in matches and almost no time in training mode and that served me ok for awhile. It helps you get used to the stick which does translate to getting better, but if you want to do anything more complex than short short super - its much MUCH more efficient to do it in a relaxed and consistent environment. In the heat of a match you don’t want to be thinking, this button then that button then- oh now he’s comboing me. Oh well. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it impossible to get all your training moding in matches, but it really is adding a lot of details that prevent things from getting ingrained in muscle memory.

It’s easier to learn things you don’t know in training mode.

I find that SF4 is much more difficult getting used to with a stick than older fighters.
I tried playing older SNK and Capcom fighters of the 90s with a Hori V3-SA and I found myself at home.
Tried to do the same with SF4AE and it feels like the pace is slower than those fighters. Kinda like it restricts your freedom and movements.

Well i think to get the feel of basic movements, training mode. Like just spend 5-10 mins in training mode doing half circle,full circle, quarter circle back, quarter circle forward, dragon punch motions

like once you learn that go into a match or arcade mode and put them to a test. Finding something difficult to pull off? then go back to training mode and do the motion again, maybe your not doing it right or you just need to be more comfortable with it.

Depends what game i am playing aswell.
SF4- Training mode for links and anything specific i want to test, Arcade mode to get better at reactions or against a buddy in offline matches (never play online just can’t stand lag)

UMvC3- always in training mode for perfecting combo’s, testing combo’s per situation and such. I will play online for UMvC3 at times but i much rather prefer going out to local places where there is a bunch of people playing to get better.

I’d say it’s easier to initially learn the stuff in training mode, but afterwards it will still take a fair amount of proper matchs for the stuff you’ve learnt to actually sink in and become something you can do as the situation commands it.

It’s say mix them up just don’t mash in the live matches. Always nice to perfect your timing, combos and to come up with some new technology in training mode.

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