Are my fingers retarded?

Hello SRK forum posters! I am somewhat new to this site but not to fighting games. I’ve loved fighting games for as long as I can remember but one problem has always persisted with every game I have tried to develope skill at: I am terrible at them. I am usually able to understand all the basic concepts and perform some of the special moves but I can NEVER perform anything more complex then a simple two or three hit combo before my fingers start spazing out and perform excessive button presses even when I know what movements I need to perform. I am currently trying to learn to play Street Fighter IV properly but, as always; my fingers alway begin to spaz out during combat for one reason or another. I have even gone and invested in a Horii xbox 360 arcade stick since I had heard that arcade sticks greatly improved ones game but It seems to have only made things worse. What can I do to de-spaz my fingers?

calm down and practice more

Learn to master comboing on Pad first, Like this guy I’m teaching on XBL, if you want to be good at something, start at the ground up

remember, a lot of us have been doing this for 20+ years. That said, you just need to go to practice mode and stop button mashing. Only hit each button of the combo once. Just let it fail, don’t try and save the combo by mashing. Just fail over and over again without mashing, and eventualy you’ll start to get it. By not button mashing your sub-conscious will start to pick up on the rythm and timing of the game after awhile. Button mashing does not let your get a good feel for this.

Its mental control. Your fingers spaz because you panic. You have to execpt that your gonna fail alot, and just let it happen. Also remember, its better to go slow. Combo’s don’t actualy have to be inputed that quickly, its just a nice relaxed steady rythm.

Start practicing by going slow. real slow. get a feel for the timing on the easier combos. Start slow and slowly build up speed till your at the right point. Trying to go fast right off the bat will cause the spazzing to happen.

Practice does NOT make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Better to fail 9 out of 10 times hitting only the right buttons, then to succeed a third of the time mashing.

There is no shortcut. But learning not to mash is the only way. Thats your first goal. Don’t worry about getting the combos off now. First get the correct buttons slowly, then slowly increase speed from there.

Also, don’t try and learn the whole combo at once. Just master the first two hits. then add in the third. then when thats perfect, add in the fourth hit, ect ect. Never try and just learn a whole massive complex combo in one chunk.

Don’t do this, learn stick, there is no reason to learn to do anything on a pad if you’re going to play on a stick. I don’t know how this makes any sense at all. It’s not like a pad is more “basic” and it’s a stepping stone to a stick… it’s not at all like this.

This is very, very, counter productive. Use the stick and ONLY the stick, the buttons are more or less responsive (probably more) than a pad, its a different feeling than a pad, you dont want to learn the pad then have to re-learn on a stick. start with the stick and just practice.

I meant Cancles and the easy stuff… I think I miss read the post, are you buying a Hori or do you already have one?

Have one already. I got it a few months after I first got the game…right around the time I first lost interest in it due to my utter incompetence using the pad. As I said in the OP, I am even worse with the stick (though I may just lack practice).

Anyway, what is a good, simple to use character that I can start off learning the basics with? When I first started playing I tried to learn Blanka and got the very basics down pat but I could never do anything more then a simple 3 hit combo (found it very difficult to use get the rolling ball to connect withing a combo) or even doing his super or ultra move on a consistent basis

I have almost the same problem as you, but with my arm when I try to pull off moves especially while trying to do FADC to ultra. As scarling07 said before; do it by rhythm and you’ll eventually execute your combos without button mashing. Sometimes the right grip can help you relax and pull off moves in a calmly manner without having a twitchy motion when pulling off supers or ultras. Look at tutorials and finger/wrist exercises should help loosen to help with the flow of motion on your fightstick.

Although this is a question based purely on opinion, I’d say Ryu. His combos/specials always seem to be a good place to start on any Street Fighter game.

You can try practicing using Abel. Not saying to use him, but just learn your basics.

Number pad annotation ahead.

Practice your:

Then you can work into combos:
236P, 6P, 6P
2HP, 623P
2HP, 214K
2HP, 236236PPP

These are all easy combos to practice just motions for. You can then practice dash canceling:

6+MK, 5P xx 236P, 6P, 6P

Once you get that, try FADCing.
236P, MK+MP~66, 236236PPP

There’s this thing called conscious effort. I hear it works pretty well in the process of learning.

Oh big surprise! Caim with another condescending post!
Still waiting on whether or not you accept my challenge over PSN, buddy. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

On Topic: Just slow down and hit up training mode. Don’t leave training mode until you grasp simple concepts such as the cancel-able normals for your character(s) of choice, linking, and basic pokes and footsies.

Make them part of your muscle memory. If you try, not even too hard, you’ll get the hang of it all within 2 or 3 days. More than that if you’re trying with 3 or more characters.

Now go into Arcade mode, where nobody will give a shit if you win or lose, and apply those tactics against a CPU difficulty that is just one level above what you play against comfortably. If you maintain your composure there, you’re ready to go.

Why would you do that? If you learn pad then go to stick, you just wasted 3+ months learning pad so that you could start all over again on stick. Start with stick or pad, don’t learn both.

I’m with everyone else on this, just practice. And stick with the stick! I reckon when I first started using a stick it put me back a few months, but now I’ve got the hang of it a lot more I would **NEVER **go back to using a pad. Sure, I still mess things up occassionally (ex cannon spike instead of ultra!), but who doesn’t make mistakes every once in a while?!?

Also, as Scarling said, a lot of these guys have been doing it for 20+ years. Practice can pay off…stick with it! I’ve only been playing since IV came about, so I know your pain!

Who you liking character wise btw…I’m sure the guys here can offer you some more accurate advice if you have a main or even a couple of characters you like using :slight_smile:

As I said earlier I started out trying to main Blanka but I can barely pull off his super/ultra at all, let alone his regular ball move in a combo. I’ve also considered trying to learn a number of different characters such as Cammy, Gouken, Bison, Abel etc but I usually give up before even trying due to my intimidation based off of match videos and my general suckiness.

Anyway how much can the trail challenges do in helping one improve ones skill? I’ve tried doing them for several characters but I can never get past level 4 on the normal trails

Forget about trail mode for now. If you can’t pull off blanka basic moves, trail mode will just be torture. Make sure you can beat the game easily on the hardest difficulty first, then once you have a nice basic foundation you can start worrying about competitive online play. But if you can’t combo one hit into the blanka ball, your just not ready yet. Don’t rush it, enjoy CPU play for now until that becomes easy.

I think the same thing alot. I am still working on my FADCs into Ultras and have alot of trouble. Playing as Adon, trying to Rising Jaguar->FADC->Jaguar Avalanche. Easy to many, but I my hands always get ahead of me. Sometimes before I dash out of the the focus I am already inputing the qcs for the Ultra.

It is something I will probably get better at in time, but still…

Try doing FADC with Ryu, it’ll help a lot

Yeah, I have been doing Ryu’s DP>FADC>U1 for practice, and even if I do it 10 times in a row in Training, once I take it online I choke up a storm. I think I got it once online.