Are my teams evolving or devolving?

This how my teams evolved or de-evolved?

1.) Wolverine, Cable, Akuma
Wolvy/Akuma defense is too weak for my tastes
2.) Wolverine, Cable, Magneto
(I like this team) but my cousin plays like old school Street Fighter on Sega Genesis, so he’s a tough guy to play against. After getting comfortable with Jinn, Hayato, Blackheart Sentinel and re-aquainting myself with Cable. I’ve been using these two teams non-stop for almost 2 years now:

3.) Magneto, Hulk, Wolverine
4.) Magneto, Cable, Sentinel

What do you guys think? People laugh when I use the Hulk, but he’s really a force to be reckoned with. :slight_smile:

Magneto (projectile), Cable (anti-air), Sentinel (projectile)

Your other teams suck.

Preppy’s site has some good videos.

The team I listed is known as Rowtron, row for short.

i’m sorry, but Magneto with Wolvie sweep assist does NOT suck. :rofl: That shit is actually kind of retarded.

Hulk dash is an ok assist for Magneto; it’s a great combo starter and hits kind of like an OTG.

Well, ok, does it work better for you? If so, then no question.

when I started using jill two years ago, I paired her with cable and Doom. After realizing that the teams basically has a shitty offense outside of cable, I tried other variants like Jill, cyke, doom, which actually works ok imo. Well, anything with cyke and doom rocks is beast, but I thought jill fit in ok. Cyke won’t get her anything big though, So I switched out cyke for tron. Jill with tron REALLY hurts and fits almost perfectly into her ground game.

I then later realized that strom (A) helps Jill’s rush down alot better. (doom is more suited for a critter calling Jill) and now I alternate between the two. With this Jill setup i’ve been able to actually fight against good magneto’s with jill.

So, if you can logically break down why you chose your teams?

Jill/tron/guile FTW lol

So tigerboi u pair jill up wif storm and a doom assist or the cyke??

I never thought about usin her wif cyke…

all i gotta say about those teams that Zombie mentioned is his mag better be at least semi decent cause once he dies that team is finished… lol Wolvie is foooodddd… and hulk is alright

I use Wolverine’s Anti Air Assist and Hulk’s Dash or Anti-air assists. The Hulk doesn’t faulyet agyet just one hit and I can do a fair number of ground combos and air combos OR high meteor super after any of my guy’s assists. Wolverine does have low defense but I can easily do an any combo followed by a DHC then link it into Hulk’s ground Super or Magneto’s shockwave super.

What do you think?

Oh you use Wolverine instead of Bonerine? huh, like Tigerboi said Mags and Wolvie sweep fit in nicely.

i think you’d get scraped by most of us.

Spidey/BBHood/Doom??? :wtf:

80% combos are gdlk

and this post makes me believe that he actually has no idea what team dynamics are.