Are older modem's bad?

My modem is from 2002/03 maybe older. I’m about to move into to a new place and its only 3 extra dollars to rent a new one. So I was wondering if newer modems are better can process faster etc etc.

Are you talking about DSL modems?

Cable/DSL I guess they are the same? I’m specifically talking about a modem for cable internet.

Im using the same cable modem that came with my service. It has to be atleast 6 years old and still works fine.

do a speed test. you will probably see that it is extremely slow. most cable modems that are from 3 years back suck. i had one that was from 4 years ago. i replaced it with a SB5101 and it made my speed go from 200KB/s to 20Mbit/s download and from 100KB/s to 3Mbit/s upload.

also don’t rent. just buy a modem for $50

Why buy? The only reason I ask is if something were to go wrong with the modem, what would you have to do to get it repaired?

With my cable company (Optimum Online) if something were to go wrong with the cable modem or if you feel that the modem is inadequate you could go to the store and replace it with a new one.

dunno who your isp is but my dl speed definaetly isnt extremely slow. As a matter of fact, its just as fast if not faster then my friend who got his service last year.

you should check your speed and what you are paying for. and about buying a modem. the modem you rent are never brand new; from my experience they are normally slower than ones you can buy. also if you have comcast they give you a shitty one that is around half the speed of a SB5101.

maybe if you request them to give you that model it would be cool. but idk if they do that kind of thing.

is that info on modems really true there seems to be some dispute? I just did a speed test on my computer (over wireless) and it seemed to me that my old modem (a SB3100 that I own) is running at almost 7mbs and comcast’s internet is supposedly super fast with 6mbs. So, I guess according to all that my modem is still good. What do you guys think?