Are other non Smash players happy about Smash being so prominent at Evo and other majors


Just wanted to get some insight from others on this

When I go to tournaments I feel like there is heavy segregation between the Smash community and the rest of the FGC. It’s most obvious on Finals day during a major event when there is basically a swap of the entire crowd between Smash finals and Street Fighter finals - I feel like by and large, the Smash players are indifferent towards the more traditional fighting games, but that is just my perception and I could be off base there. Personally I don’t care to watch any of the Smash stuff but I’m cool with most all the other games.

That they have great viewership numbers is a testament to the strength of their community and the game’s popularity, I’m happy for them

Evo feeling more crowded than ever this year though, bumping more traditional games off the list with smaller turnouts - it’s hard for me to see how this is better than it was when Smash wasn’t at Evo


I can’t decide if this belongs in FGD or not.


Same, there is an implied joke there about the age old “Smash isn’t a fighting game” thing


Yea im sooo happy that smash and their stage crying, sit-in-chair-after-losing-too-longing, LARPing, furry-suit wearing, probably secretly part of ISISing, pillow-fucking, luggage shitting, spongebob crt-playing, women stalking and raping asses are in evo yea woo


What is the joke?


I was under the impression that smashbros calling smashbros a fighting game was the joke

I laughed heartily


Jokes are meant to be funny, not sad.


What’s the Angus Beef between the Smash community and other people? Wagyu beef is so good though.


Furry wearing? We aint talking SonicFox fam


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I’m happy for them, but it doesn’t make me happy.


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We’re not playing Smash.


I’m not sure who would be the players happy FGC players who are happy that smash took a spot over MvC3 or KI at SCR. The problem though is that Smash is now a financial necessity for these events hence they all have continue towing the “smash is a fighting game” line.


There’s a huge divide because Smash players cry about everything not understanding that these tournaments are street fighter and the like themed.

Smash doesn’t play like a fighting game and everything that makes it fun is turned off. That’s not even mentioning the creeps that are your top players.


Funny how it became a necessity.

I question its being a necessity.

It sounds more like a want.

And by a want I do mean money grab.


@“po pimpus”


Never forget: