Are pads banned at tournies?

so when i first got MVC3, i had a blue sanwa and some cheap parts that managd
to be a fighting stick. very soon after cheap = broke and i started to use a
traditional 360 pad. seeing as i got comfy with pad, i wonder will i have to swich
back to stick for a tournament.

not to my knowledge, they let pad players at evo and pretty much they are the standard when it comes to rules. 360 pads are a lot easier really since you can pop off the batteries so there are no pauses or anything.

Be careful, some wireless pads are banned, just check it in the Evo section.

i have a generic gamestop wired one, no AA for me, but i only see
padders on tekken and mk, so thats what i thought

i only use wired, cause some pads sync on ps3, don’t they?

All the wired pads are fine.

should be fine, one of the reasons they dont like pads is someone has it synced to the system and the guide or pause gets pressed and messes up someone elses game.

As said, all wired pads are fine, as long as you don’t activate Turbo. Some wireless are fine, up to the discretion of the tournament organizer.

good thing i’m to poor to afford turbo

A lot of cheap pads have it. But I haven’t seen one where you can accidentally use it. Though I guess I did that once on my Te stick.