Are pc's quick matches broken?


I recently have found myself in a disproportionate number of quite stacked fights, just wanted to know if this often happens to others or if they’ve ever felt they were placed in a severely stacked battle.
Rank 212 Dalsim:
Rank 144 Akuma:
Rank 898 Ken : (one of my fairest matches this session)
Rank 083 Oni :
Rank 547 Gouken:
Rank 072 Bison :
Rank 087 Akuma:
Rank 317 Abel :
sorry for the amount of cited battles but come on, and this was from only around 45min of play!


matchmaking only works if you use custom search > same skill, and even then only the bison, akuma, and oni you wouldn’t have played using that option.


I understand how the custom match works, however it just seems odd to play a whole session and only get these sorts of higher ranking players. Thanks anyways Ves.


well outside of the 3 i listed, none of the other players are actually high ranked.