Are people allowed to just go in and watch, or is there a fee for that too?

Ive been a fan of Evo for years but I have never been to a show. I noticed that its coming to my area soon and I wanted to know if I can just go in and watch people play or do I have to pay? I dont want to enter the tournament but just see how good these people actually are.

I dont mind paying, but I just want to make sure. Thanks.

should be free for BYOC + watching

Have you gone personally? I just want to make sure because I dont want to go and then get turned away hehe.

You can bring your own console there too? Where do you hook it up, is there even room? Also do you need to bring your own TV?

Also I want to go for SF3, but can I just walk around to other rooms to watch those matches too?

If you register now, you only need to pay $20. If you register on a later date, the registration price will rise to $30. Everyone needs to register to get into the Evolution plaza. If you want to enter a tournament, it will be $10 per game. Also, if you are entering a tournament, you still need to pay for registration.

LA has no registration yet from what Ive seen on the main page.

So I DO need to pay if I just want to watch?

That 10 dollars per game, can I pay it when I get there since I may change my mind?

The LA registration will open on a later date.

You don’t need to pay to watch, but you do need to pay to get into the plaza.

Yes, you can pay when you get in.

Thanks for answering my questions. BTW, is there BYOC? If so, where do you set up (since i take it there are a lot of people).

I’m confused, what is in the plaza?

As well as shalang this will be my first EVO as I plan on attending EVO World. I will be just watching/BYOC as he is, so do I need to register for World, pay fees, etc?

If you dont plan on entering any tournaments, the cost is zero.

The comander has spoken :tup:

tis settled then;
i will be there trying to pry my way into random BYOC matches on Sat.

But for Evo West, since its at SDCC, we have to register for the con, right?

no cuz its across the street ;p

We’re going to need a badge, but Wizard said he’s going to try to get Evo participants a deal [?]

great info. great thread. im intrested on goin to evo dub but i need to pull a ton of strings. random casual matches ftw.

Thanks for all the responses.

Now Im confused. Its free to watch even the tournament games, or is it just for BYOC? Like I said, I dont want to play, just watch.

Also, how is it at SDCC? I thought it was going to be in Los Angeles?

NVM just saw it at the top.



I wanna watch an evo as well

Makes me happy.:wgrin:

do we have to pay a fee to play in the byoc room? i heard in the past evos you have to.

The Zero cost is for World too? I’m bringing people but I’m the only one playing.