Are people losing interest in this game?




Long story short: SF4 and lazy gamers killed the scene.


HDR is not dead, nor will it ever be.
There are always plenty of people ready to play, especially at peak times.


Hey Supe1NYC when are the peak times?


There’s some down time, namely late nights (Pacific Time), but it’s not too hard to find a match at most times.


people LOST Interest in this game a few years ago


Dunno how. I’ll be playing till servers come down. Here’s hoping for 4K Remix on PS4.


rcaido and anyone else who wants to get crushed - most nights I’m available at around 8 pm Eastern Time. Sometimes I’m on for 20 minutes and sometimes for an hour or more. If you can play on a semi-regular basis at least, send me a msg on Xbox live and I’ll remove the least skilled player from my full friends list to add you. (or I’ll remove someone who hasn’t been on in a while) I’ve been a little busy working as the National IT Manager at a mid-sized corporation in Manhattan. (New York City)


I may be available to play at other times also, just arrange it with me ahead of time on xbox live or e-mail me at (friends or those who want to play some matches only, no haters) thanks.


Some of the better players still playing these days include ize4lyf aka NLP OU, blitzfu and incision (Sincisions aka left4feds) among others.



i’ll try stop on by to play, haven’t played in awhile.


I still come on once in a blue moon just to keep my reflexes and execution sharp (and to see if any other Ken players have stepped up their game during my absence :). Since HDR does feel like it moves at a faster speed than ST, I feel it is a good training exercise for reflexes. Completely different timing than arcade ST though, so be careful.


Is this game still alive? Been missing it, i have it on ps3 but its terrible, thinking of picking another xbox 360 up to play it…unless this game is playable on xbox one?


Seems like there are still players who play online, but mostly in private lobbies. For all intends and purposes though, HDR seems to have fallen by the wayside over time, and most serious competitors have switched over to ST. allows you play online on a computer for free.


I am getting fightcade…

just got an 360 solely for ST but now I see I will need a PC with cable ethernet since no one plays HD Remix anymore.


Smart choice.


Speaking of re-releases:


I play still. Met some really awesome people and had a few of them who are cool as fuck teach me some of the shit I need to know so that I don’t suck as bad and yuck up the lobbies. For the record I don’t use turbo. You just suck worse than I do and I suck pretty bad.