Are people still playing this online?


I wanna start playing Skullgirls again , but i heard that online is kind of dead on ps3 ,
What about xbox 360 ? are people still playing SG on the 360 ?


I’m speaking for PSN, and there’s not a lot of people, so depending on when you play you might have to wait a bit before getting a game.


I think the online community for both systems are ghost towns. And if you are lucky enough to find someone to play online, chances are, they are like super uber pro that will demolish you within 20 seconds of the game time. Im not joking.


wow, no one’s playing this game anymore? it hasn’t even been out that long. how sad.


yea but they will usually still play you a good long set and that’s really one of the bets ways to learn. things have picked up a bit since salty cupcakes and best of the best i can usually find at least someone on whenever i try


More than likely, a lot of the people are waiting on the patch to drop.
I have been on and off with the game. though lately i have been playing it a bit more recently.


Whether the patch drops or not, the game won’t see much play online. XBL is basically dead now and with all the new fighting games dropping every few months plus the fact that the roster will still be eight characters after patch, I don’t see anybody coming back to it or picking it up for that matter. At this point, waiting for the patch is a poor excuse for not trying the current game out and getting started.


There’s been like, no real news for months now… :frowning:


I play online whenever I can get some games after 1:00 ~ 1:30 AM on weeknights (because that’s around the time I usually get home from work). While I wait for someone to join my room I just read up stuff on the SRK or Dustloop wikis, but if no one joins my room after a while I’ll just go into training mode for a little bit. -_-

I’m on much earlier during weekend nights since I’m off from work Friday and Saturday now. If I’m lucky, I’ll get maybe 2 players on weekend nights.


You can get people to play with by hooking up here fairly easily. As long as you’re not both on the PS3 and from EU.


Short answer? Yes.


My problem is looking for newbies such as myself to play with, but I will keep looking!


Set up a schedule using the match making forums.


Here’s the deal: the problem finding people is a combination of factors. It’s not because of a single factor specifically, just the combination:

  1. Game freezes if US version plays with EU version
  2. People who play casually were weeded out by Hornet Bombers out the ass
  3. GGPO doesn’t correctly roll back, leading to lag even in high delay settings
  4. A lot of people don’t know how to handle a solo character such as Bella
  5. Many 360 owners have 25+ seconds of loading time because of the glitch, but this means that the connection times out before any match starts online so they effectively cannot play online

Still with those issues I play pretty much every day. On PSN, unless someone with a 360 asks me.

And of course probably the best thing about the upcoming patch is how absolutely all of those factors are addressed.


I thought people didn’t play this game online because it’s not a big name game from a big name company. That’s pretty much it.


That’s why it wasn’t popular. However even dedicated SG fans have troubles trying to play it online because of the reasons Guitalex mentioned. That’ swhy there was so many people saying that they’ll pick-up the game again after patch.


when PSN and Xbox support drops in a few years, the game will be played on the PC.
Unless they make a sequel for the newer consoles, which I doubt.