Are peoples ego's really this fragile?

It constantly amazes me how fragile people’s ego’s are on GGPO. (Sorry, this is going to be a bit of a rant.)

The following are examples I see literally every day:

#1. They win several in a row. You win one. They immediately use the in-game chat to say something like, “it got laggy on that last one”. Even if it did get laggy, why mention it? It’s like they need to diminish the loss.

#2. They win 20 or 30 in a row (yes this happens to me), you are about to win one - they quit! Seriously, your ego can’t sustain losing once?

#3. You win several, they win one back… then immediately quit! I guess if you “go out on a win” then you didn’t really lose??

Wall dive loops, o.gat, counter picking, tick throws, all of that is fair game to me. But the above is just… inelegant.

What do you expect? SFIV and HDR have brought a lot of immature players onto GGPO. And it’s online where people can act like idiots with little consequence.

My favorite is when they pick Akuma then pick O. Sagat and still keep on losing.

Are you sure it’s actually a deliberate quit? My connection to opponents occasionally dies both right after and within matches ever since I switched to RCN for my provider. I don’t know any good player who does that stuff but I wouldn’t be surprised to see scrubs doing it, although it’s been a long time since I’ve encountered one like that on GGPO.

Long time ago when I was a kid I challenged a guy (WW) @ arcade and won (none of us are any good btw).

When I stepped out of the arcade he brought three friends along and beat me up.

Of course I called my friends and tracked them down afterwards.

All these for just a game so yeah , I guess teenagers are immature by definition.

More than likely those people you come across are insecure kids instead of man with a family and stable job / income.

It’s common not just for FG but you see kids behave like this with FPS, RTS, etc.

The ST GGPO community has a lot of issues… mainly regarding trolls. I’ll quote jpj, “GGPO should be renamed to GGFU.” I guess that makes sense.

Hey man, akuma mirrors are the best :wgrin:

I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt, but the timing is just so blatant in many cases that it’s very hard to believe it isn’t deliberate. Saying “oh, I lost because of lag” is obviously deliberate.

I communicate when my game is being F’d up by lag or if I am otherwise playing bad.
(I’ve even apologized for not executing textbook moves appropriately)

I don’t care about my win/loss record. (except in actual tournaments)
I do care about making sure my strats are effective, and I am tightening my game.

I want my opponent to be playing up to the max he can with his character.
Because I want the best fight possible and I don’t want to get false positives on the effectiveness of my gameplay.
I will tell my opponent ways to tighten up their game against me. (and hope they offer the same)

I don’t tell them about the lag to wipe away the loss: I don’t care.
I am just relating the quality of gameplay variables so they can use that to keep themselves from mistaking results (and using that corrupted info to influence their game) in a possible bad connection.

Empirion kicked the crap outta me recently.
I sent him a message about lag because I felt something was off with the connection and I want to make sure he knew that might be a variable to be wary of.

Also don’t forget that GGPO has been disconnecting much more frequently lately. Whatever the issue is, too many KOF players, server instability because of heat from the summer, other bandwidth issues, something is causing GGPO’s server to crash multiple times a day. A year ago I don’t ever remember GGPO crashing more than once an hour, but now it often crashes multiple times within the hour, sometimes the server fails to connect for long periods of time even.

I chalk it up to increased load, although I can’t really make that claim. Cursory glances through the KOF rooms show that the number of players there hasn’t really changed that much from this time last year. The increased crash frequency is really offputting though. I just wish there was anything we could do (as users of the GGPO service, and other than donating which I’ve done once before).

I only have a few people on my ignore list on GGPO, but it’s useful if you run into players that just have a bad attitude about things.

sometimes disconnections and lag are annoying, happened to me in the past, winning or losing, however, sometimes i think some peeps use “dcs” as an excuse.

So true, or this case:

:S what’s his problem?, i play for fun, no matter if i’m losing or winning or using my mediocre main or not.

I also do not like when people start switching characters, but I take it as my responsibility to beat all their crap characters and force them to resort to the main one, for the vast majority of people who can not play many characters at the same level. As for me, I often pick fierce Guile to measure people. If I can get away with him, I often do not switch, but I really only enjoy playing forward Ryu, which is my least sucky character.

GGPO has been disconnecting a lot lately, that is for sure. I blame it on KoF players because I don’t like emos, but I really don’t know. Still, it tells me I have not yet donated to GGPO, which is something I hope to correct tomorrow. If I could be sure they would spend it on some ST-related server, I’d donate $50 or more with no problem.

i love it when they rage quit and said it was because of lag, when the connection was good (i would have said perfect but dis is GGPO!)

my connection for GGPO is just shit. everyone thats ever played me knows how shitty it gets. charter is coming out on tuesday to hopefully replace some old lines. but since my connection prevents serious games, I main akuma on ggpo now. yup, that boy is hella fun. lol

EDIT - oh hey I’m in the ST forum and not the HDR one

This is going to come off as extremely elitist but this is why I stopped playing random people on GGPO. It’s not that I think I’m above anyone because I’m still a far cry from even being “good” but it’s just that 4 out of 5 times now if I don’t know you when you challenge me you’ll rage or bitch or some shit that I don’t want to put up with. There are only so many people now that I’ll play (and quite a few of them posted in this thread :lovin:). My suggestion is filter people who’ve done that before and not play them if it bothers you, if you have the ignore build use it.

As for the derailment topic, yeah it’s worse and worse now. I blame most of it on my bad ISP (which I can’t switch from in this apartment unfortunately) but when I have a flawless connection with anything else that’s much more bandwidth intensive yet I can’t even log onto GGPO I know something’s up. I’d donate if the developers have made a hint that doing so will fix the issues but it feels like the actual GGPO client (not net code though mind you) is a forgotten relic.

Wow I sound cynical as fuck in that post.

the only one worth playing on GGPO that will kick your ass and not be a loser about it is Janus Gemini.

CigarBob, Willdestroya, Bojack and his 100x names, etc… are a bunch of asshats that will just talk trash when they win a few here and there.

Bad games to a dude from France too… He called me “random jumper” as he tried drill loops against my Blanka… u+hp owns you, fool… random jumps…

anyway… grog, we need to play.

I’ve donated more than that amount. Just access this page and use the option to leave a message, saying you have donated solely because of ST.

And ffs, with all respect to Willdestroya, he’s not a top player. Those would be Technical Monkey, Professor Jones, Ganelon and a few others. One thing is knowing the basics, another completely different one is mastering the game.

He’s not a top player by any means, or is he any good. He just trash talks out of his ass for weeks and it’s annoying.

Tech Monkey’s cool. I played with him a few times in NYC. Ganelon’s decent. I still think Janus is the best player that’s consistently there. There’s that Jap guy too that’s fantastic… Shiva?

Ganelon himself is also a really cool guy if you act respectful & ask questions. Learned a good bit from him when he beats me up & helps me out.