Are resets blockable?


I just wanted to know if resets can be blocked because when I try this in training match and set the dummy to block after first hit I can not hit a reset am I supposed to set a dummy to block after first hit when going for resets? thanks


A reset is nothing but a mixup, so yeah you can block them.


you mix and match grabs with them
characters with command grabs have more potent resets
mix in meaties and then the layers they have to think about become more frustrating


I suspect this topic was specifically asking with regards to Street Fighter, but resets can sometimes be unblockable depending on the game (usually games where you can recover in the air). Fundamentally a reset is just a combo that ends with the opponent standing or air teching rather than being knocked down, and you apply a mixup such as dashing under them for a crossup or quickly grabbing them. Resets often exploit the fact that the opponent is not expecting them and/or they don’t have as much time to recognize the danger as if they were knocked down and had time to think and regroup before standing back up.

Resets are only unblockable if the move you use is unblockable. In Street Fighter specifically I don’t think this is a situation you will run into much if ever (besides grabs obviously) but I’m not that familiar with SF5.


Ok i think everyone responding to this thread except Art is confused to what the term reset is. A reset is simply stopping a combo before it is finished to try to start a new combo. The reason for doing a reset is that damage per move in a combo is reduced due to damage scaling/ By stopping a combo and trying to start a new one you can get overall more damage by “RESETTING” the damage scaling. Set the training dummy to random blockto practice resets


Either blocked or jumped out of


I can think of two examples where resets are NOT blockable or escapable.

  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Sentinel and Dr. Doom have inescapable resets because they have unblockable attacks. That said, there is a trick to blocking these in Marvel.
  • Games with assists (Including MvC2, Skull Girls, and “Puppets” like Zato in Guilty gear) where you get stuck with a high/low that you cannot block. There’s a trick at least in Marvel to block them, but not every situation can be blocked. There’s a high/low block method that 100% works, but you need something to have pushblocked first. Basically if you push block a high and immediately hit down, you’ll block everything until the pushblock duration wears off. Not sure about SG and GG though if those are escapable.

There’s also situations like MvC1 where there’s uncombo, so you actually reset the combo meter and damage scaling, but it’s not actually escapable.