Are restrictor plates legal?


Are these used in tournaments??

Sorry if it’s in the wrong place. Just found this place.


Restrictor plates are a common internal part of many types of sticks. Yes, they’re legal.


Oh cool. I was watching a review of a Hori stick and they guy was installing a plate and said he’s not competing so it’s ok.

I’m getting my first stick and ordered a plate but I wasn’t going to install it if it’s not legal. Don’t want to be a cheater and get good that way.



What is this thread?



To reiterate on what Trouble Brewing said, Restrictor plates are a common part in most sticks, in fact it is a common part of most joystick levers.
There are a number joysticks will not work correctly without their Restrictor plates/gates in place, most common is just about every Sanwa and Seimitsu joystick ever made.
It what holds the switches in place.

Anyone calls you a cheater for having some certain sort, type or style Restrictor plate is ether trolling you or a scrub and trying to keep you misinformed.


This piece of paper sure is interesting.

(How is using a restrictor gate considered cheating in any way? Lol.)


Back in the day people used to grief others over the use of octagonal JLF gates, saying it was cheating as moves were “easier” to do.


So basically tech talk’s version of scrubquotes? Lol