Are Sanwa JLFs that much better than stock Hori sticks?

I bought a Fighting Stick 3 the other day, and although I’m not entirely satisfied with the buttons and plan on swapping them out, it feels like the stick is quite durable and it feels good. Are Sanwa sticks leaps and bounds better than the stock stick, or should I just save my money?

I’m not an expert in Japanese sticks, but I’d say I like the responsive and light “feel” of the JLF over the sticks in my Hori T5 or DOA sticks. It’s also nice that you can change the top, gate or the spring and really customize the feel of your stick. Worth the extra $20? Sure, especially if you’re a “serious” player.

yeah… the comparison is like:

You are still rolling on the first stone wheels made while i am rolling on DUBs with low profiles

All preference. Personally I prefer Sanwa/Seimitsu over Hori because I find the Hori sticks to be too restrictive (very narrow deadzones)

If you’re that short stacked on cash you could easily just save your money and use the Hori joystick instead.

I’ve always thought that the Hori joystick wasn’t THAT bad. However the buttons should definitely be changed to Sanwa or Seimitsu.

The Hori stick that came with my T5 was just awful. I didn’t realise how bad it was until I got the JLF

I think that a fresh stock Hori stick is about “just as good” as a JLF, but after about a year the spring will start dying and it’ll get really, really loose.

well after i got my TE stick with sanwa parts that came in it i was like OMFG WOW!!! and never touched my hori stick again. but you would instantly notice the different once you get your hands on some good quality parts like sanwa or seimitsu.

hori = no diagonals can be hit = :sadface:

sanwa/seimitsu = I can finally hit diagonals = :happyface:

hori buttons suck. hori sticks suck. switch that shit out to sanwa asap.

sanwa = buying a shell and pcb, and/or a stick if it’s a hrap.

Mr. Perfect back in the house. Look at your misuse of capitalization… just fucking ugly to the eyes.

Anyway, Hori makes a perfectly acceptable joystick. I mean, there is a difference, but for $60 it’s just fine.

and nice thing is that you don’t have to change it out now. You can easily swap it out later on should you feel that its getting worse. and for only 25 bucks + shipping. Even 15 if you go with a semitsu instead.

Alright, thanks for the response guys!