Are Sanwa OSBN-30 Translucent Yellow Screwbuttons an actual thing?


I feel like I am losing my mind here. I usually use Seimitsu screwbuttons, but my current project ran into a bit of a stuck point - Seimitsu’s translucent yellow buttons don’t match their own bubble top!

Realizing that I could just use the Sanwa which matches multiple ball-top options, I went on to look for it. I can find the snap-ins just fine:

Every google search I can think of either turns up empty, turns up the Seimitsu, or turns up the snap-in.

I have a feeling I’m not going to like the answer here, but does anyone know for certain?


Sanwa makes translucent buttons in snap-in form only.

I think older yellow seimitsu bubble tops matched their buttons. I have two seimitsu yellow bubble tops and one is definitely darker than the other and the shaft mounting hardware is different.



Of course I’d go with a color that is impossible to match ball to button. Why wouldn’t I?


Don’t suppose you’d be willing to part with the older ball? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s cracked near the shaft mount because it fell off a coffee table onto a tiled floor while I was modding. Not sure if you’d want it in that condition. Also, international shipping sucks.


>international shipping sucks

Don’t I know it. :\

I’ll figure it out. Giving the aluminum gold ball top that focus attack stocks a go. Can’t be any worse.