Are screws holding down the acrylic necessary? (Qanba Q1)


Hey guys! My humblest apologies if this was answered elsewhere, I promise I did give the search engine a try!

I just got a Qanba Q1–I wanted a fairly inexpensive stick that would be easy to modify with some custom art. I took it all apart and applied a “lami label” from FedEx/Kinko’s, and it worked out great! But as I was cutting holes in my art, it occurred to me that the screws that hold down the acrylic sheet maybe aren’t necessary, since the buttons also hold it down to the case quite firmly. So I left them out! Less holes in the art seemed like a good thing to me, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something I’d regret, either.



I though the exact same thing when I modded my first ever arcade stick.

In a perfect world, you won’t end up regretting it, But if you drop the arcade stick, or it falls off a shelf, etc, anything that isn’t firmly bolted down will want to pop apart. This means that the Plexiglas that is trying to escape the arcade stick will be putting all of that pressure on the weak li’l tabs on your buttons. if I recall correctly, the Plexiglas ends kind of abruptly at the back, which means that if somrething were to wedge itself between the Plexiglas and the rest of the arcade stick, the pressure is on the buttons and not the screws. The screws are also closer to the edges, where the Plexiglas cannot be lifted as far and potentially crack.

In normal play conditions, it will be fine. But those screws make the unit more robust.


I’d expect to get more dust and pet hair under the acrylic without the corner screws.


Definitely hadn’t been thinking about drop possibilities… Guess those screws are going back in! Thanks for the input.


You could always sand and spray paint the screws to match your artwork too for some added flair


Thanks! I was thinking I might also try looking into some screw covers to replace the ones I pried off while taking it apart. I kinda destroyed them in the process. :slight_smile: