Are SE sticks durable? whats your experience with them?

or should i just buy a stick with sanwa

The shell itself is very durable (metal top and bottom panel), the PCB is a Madcatz PCB, which has had reported cases of HK failing (in both SEs and TEs)

The stock buttons and stick for the old SE (the white SF4 ones) were not very good in terms of reliability, however the newer ones (White TvC Wii stick, Black WWE Brawl Stick) have parts that are much better quality.

So it all depends on how much you are getting the SE for. If you are getting it for cheap, your best bet would be to buy some aftermarket buttons and a new stick for it (if that winds up cheaper than getting a new all-sanwa stick)

I just got some Brawlsticks and I’m pretty impressed. While the parts aren’t Sanwa, they are pretty darn close. Much better than the original SFIV fightsticks. I put an LS-40-01 in one and I probably won’t touch the buttons. They are very responsive. They have a good weight to them too. Like threi said, the pcb may be an issue, but I haven’t had them long enough to see any crop up.

Just buy a all sanwa stick and never worry about it.

I’ve had my SE since it first came out, modded it with seimitsu buttons and a sanwa stick. As I type I am using it, never had a problem with the PCB but I am aware of the problems some people have had.

It has been good to me and IMO it’s the perfect size for smaller people like myself.

No they break easily i’ll post pic’s later but the god damn weld holding the stick to the plate broke.

Stop worrying about “HK breaking”.

Open that sucker, rewire it:

changed to
X—Y—LB—[ ]
A—B—RB—[ ]

Bam, never worry again.

Or just buy a TE and never worry about anything again.

The “old” SE was crap, good shelf but cheap components, the news SE (TvC and WWE Brawl stick) are nice, very similar to Sanwa, I´ve seen photos of both parts and they are almost identics!
BTW I bought an WWE xbox360 yesterday on amazon UK at 22,35 pounds + shipping coasts, 31€ total!

The current TE and brawlstick boards should be the same. Don’t worry about PCBs. In fact, the SE and original TE boards are the same too.

People blow that nonsense out of proportion.

just buy a te and mod it with a cthulu or paewang and never worry about anything again.

OP Case is very sturdy and nice, the only major problem would be the pcb on the inside. So in the same breath replace with cthulu or paewang and keep it pushin

Current SE’s are like the best kept secret that was never secret. It’s really good shit.

SE’s and TE’s have the same type of front panel, both are welded the exact same way, both use the same type of metal.

SE’s and TE’s use the same PCB (the chun TE and brawl stick IIRC have updated PS3 pcbs though)

It is definitely not a major problem at all but i just mentioned it because it’s happened to people. The “just buy a TE” crowd needs to educate themselves IMO.

i have the wwe brawlstick and i haven’t had any problems with it and the buttons feel great and are very responsive but i am going to swap them out and the stick to just give it a custom look to it

And then when the stick stops registering to the 360 or PC, then…

Send it back.
Or mod it more.

Can’t send it if you’ve already tampered with it, Broke the warranty. Just buy a TE.
Opens from the top and you don’t break warranty.

my friend gave me his after he didn’t like it and moved on to a hori. i for one just put money into it replaced the buttons and the stick. Put some elbow grease into it and she’ll run just fine just needs a better paint job (krylon makes me mad -_-). As of right now I’m getting a TE so i have a complete setup but this SE has 3 years into and not once had the pcb fucked up. Either way if it does ill just buy a aftermarket pcb. (btw when i got it the buttons and stick were pretty much shit unless replace with real sanwa parts or semitsu just pick your poison.)