Are Sean's Specials punishable on block and hit?

Question as above, more specifically, are they punishable by the other shoto’s

see for yourself… but ya pretty much

Almost all of them are unsafe on block, pretty much. As for hit, it depends. I’ve seen Sean get thrown after a Tornado on hit even.

My reactions must be shit bc I’ve played a Sean that throws out a super after a blocked tornado and I got caught by it.
Same goes for a blocked overhead kick, throws out a super after i block it and i get caught, either way its my fault for allowing that to happen but just wanna be sure of what I can and cannot punish. Dont want to get beat by gimmicks lol

That’s just you not knowing the earliest time to reversal and him gimmicking the living fuck out of you. If someone does that shit ONCE just block and wait a moment next time. just sit and block, he’s banking on you expecting a throw and going for a tech most likely or thinking you have enough frame advantage to squeeze something out in time. online especially shit like that can work because you won’t necessarily react on the first frame possible and instead eat a fucking shoryu cannon.

These are the fags that love to jump over you and explode into a super.

That’s cool, but when there’s no “level 2” after you block the dumb shit, that’s when I am disappoint.