Are SF RAW versions of the comic worth the money?


Are the RAW versions of the SFII comics worth the money?

Can anyone provide me the information, that is written on the bottom of the RAW issues, so i can decide if I need to buy them?

Thanks in advance :lovin:

“Worth the money” is entirely up to you. I only have issue 1 and I thought it was pretty cool. It’s like having a commentary track during a movie, only with the comic instead. Along with the sketch art for each page, there are little notes written about why they chose to draw something a certain way, or a funny side note, etc…
I’m a super collector whore, so I have to have them. If you’re just into the basic comic and nothing else, then you might wanna skip it.

One issue of SF RAW in really shitty paper … US$ 14.95


One issue of Bendis’ Daredevil

One issue of Bendis’ Alias

One issue of Bendis’ New Avengers

One issue of Kirkman’s Invincible

One issue of Kirkman’s Walking Dead** … for less than US$ 14.95

That’s five comics, more than 120 pages, all with better writing than SF.

Or even better, you can get trade paper backs and even **HARDCOVERS ** of Bendis’ stuff with 120, 150, 160 pages for LESS THAN 14 BUCKS on Amazon.

Or… if you don’t read anything besides SF, you can get five issues of the comic for the about the same you would waste on the Raw edition. Or you could get one of the SF or DS trades for less than that.

So… no. It’s not worth 14.95.

Hell, it isn’t worth 4.95!


can you please post the commentary track here?

Thanks in advance.

Nah you should stick to the original
issues on less you want to read the bonus commentary than you should get the Raws.

edit: I am not getting the Raws because I think bonus commentary is just a waste of space even for movies.

note 2: I read Street Fighter , Evil dead vs. the Reanimator and Berserk. Now if you want a comic with really good paper than I go with Berserk it has better paper than most U.S comics and cost about 13.95$. Also I request any one who is a Evil Dead fan to pick up Evil Dead vs. the Reanimator you wont regret it.

No one is going to post the commentary for you.
Either take your chances and buy it or skim it at your LCS.

If you’re interested in seeing original pencils, scripts and reading what the writer/artist has to say about each page then “yes”, it’s worth the money.

I have #1 Raw cover (thanx to sano :)) and I like it alot, as an artist I dig it it because I get to see how Alvin went about drawing it, and to answer your question I think it was worth my money, but I think I appreciate it more since its issue #1 not sure if I will buy the others though, have to see when the time comes

I say if it was 6.95 it’d be worth it. However, for 14.95, I don’t think so, that’ll just turn people off.

Yeah, the price is the only bad thing about it. Comic shop owners say “Well I had to order 15 copies, so it’s 15 dollars…” but that’s a bullshit reason. It’s not like they don’t make profit from selling the regular books. They could sell the incentive issues for 5 dollars and still be making profit.

to me $14.95 is worth it, because we get to see the unaltered art. Its like owning a part of udon’s sketch book.

There are pages of preview in this interview of the RAW editions that you can see here:

The idea of the RAW issues are awesome, but the price tag is hard for me to justify. I think I will end up trying to buy the RAW editions only for my favorite issues if I have extra money at the time.

I for one think its not worth the money at all unless they drop the price. Just think of the raw edition like SFA3 Max. You got an 8yr old game with 4 new characters and 3 new modes coming out for the PSP for a retail price of $39.99. sounds like a bargin? no, but good thing about the A3 Max is that its portable. you might as well just wait for SFA Anthology and wait for the price drop of Alpha 3 Max. thats my opinion anyways, so its your money, do whatever you want with it. i say they should threw in those raw edition pix in the SF2 comic instead and take out the rival school crap.


throw out the RIval Schools crap! It sucks!

Continue Darkstalkers instead!

Yea I think they just should’ve been double the price of the originals

i’ve been thinking about getting the raw versions but its been impossible for me to find them in the uk at the moment and if you lot are complaining about the price feel sorry for me the only way i’m able to get the first 3 raw issues at the moment is to pay an extra $20 dollars shipping on top of th $15 dollar an issue price i think i’ll be waiting til some comic shop runs out of space and lists them on eBay